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Find out what’s happening, and who to work for, and who to avoid with our service!
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Here's Your Exclusive Christmas Cracker Of An Offer!

Yes it's Christmas and here's our Special Christmas Cracker of an offer to you as one of our loyal Wise Up Wednesday readers.
Because here's a very special offer - with guaranteed acceptance - if you apply to become one of our Gold Buddies by midnight on Saturday 31 December 2017.

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Let Us Help You To Make Your Business Life Easier! 

It's Christmas and hard working Specialist Contractors like you deserve a treat... 

You also deserve to make a decent profit from all that hassle and hard work, but some unscrupulous Main Contractors are determined to steal those profits from under your nose. That's where we can help; 

We Understand Your Business

Which means that we get to the nub of your problem quicker and more economically. 

We Work with Lots Of Other Specialist Contractors Just Like You

Which means we know the kind of problems you face on a daily basis – and the most cost effective solutions. 

We Have Extensive Construction Experience

Which means that we know what works and what doesn’t. It’s at our fingertips – so we can get to work straight away on the real problem, saving you time and money. 

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We Are Alive To The Dirty Tricks Used by Contractors

When it comes to helping you get paid, we have seen most of the stunts tricks and sharp practice used by Contractors – and we know how to get you your money. 

We Are Well Qualified

We work with a nationwide team of independent professionals who are highly trained and well qualified in their relevant disciplines - when we give you advice you can be confident it is good advice. 

We Are Not Easily Shaken Off

We are very determined individuals who get stuck in on your behalf and are not easily fobbed off by whatever obstacles are put in our way. In some tough situations we normally come out on top!

We Are Good Negotiators and Advocates

We always seek to negotiate the best possible outcome for you, whether we are running a dispute or securing great media coverage.

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Extensive Adjudication And Legal Experience

Our team has represented clients in literally hundreds of adjudications with substantial success – so if we cannot negotiate a settlement we have the means to progress your case quickly and easily.

We Have A Full Team At Your Disposal

We have a nationwide team at your disposal. So whether you need commercial and contractual advice, or support developing your business, we have the most cost effective resources.

Why take risks with your wealth and security, because now is great time to protect your business with this exclusive guaranteed acceptance Christmas Offer ;

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If you prefer, please don't hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call on 01773 712116.    

Please remember that if you have a problem take action sooner rather than later. If you're not sure what to do or just want a second opinion, please give us a call on 01773 712116, or email (please do not click reply to this email).     

When you join as a Gold Buddy your benefits include as a minimum:

# Initial implementation session with our Consultants [contractual and commercial, sales and marketing and health and safety]

# Report identifying ways in which to improve your business

# Free Insurance audit.

# 2 x 1 hour free Consultancy every single month to use as you choose and worth more than your monthly subscription!

# 2 x Resource Manuals written by our experts to provide knowledge and guidance in commercial and contractual, and business development

# Regular updates with additional sections.

# Access to our websites knowledge bank of information

# Free Subcontracting Today - the Specialist Contractors news letter

# Unlimited access by phone and email to a wide variety of experts for whatever it is your business needs.

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Streetwise have also partnered with Glenigan the UK’s largest generator of construction leads to provide our members with an exclusive discount on a truly amazing access all areas package. This is an absolute cracker!

If all this wasn't enough we provide in-house and external training sessions, and hold regular conferences and seminars, giving our members and their staff opportunities to get together and discuss real business issues and hear from our experts about practical solutions.

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If Streetwise sounds like something that would benefit your business and you would like to become a member, but would like to talk it over first, please give me a call today on my Direct Dial 01773 715062 or email me at Ltd © - Privacy Policy - Terms & Conditions

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