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FTC Action Pack

The content of this page is designed to help you to quickly and easily support the Fair Treatment Charter (FTC), a solution created and put forward by StreetwiseSubbie as part of the #Buildfair4all cause to put an end to late payment and unfair treatment in the UK Construction industry.

The FTC was written by our founder Barry Ashmore to specifically address the problems currently being faced by all Specialist Contractors, and has recently received formal recognition from an All Party Inquiry of MPs as they recommended it as a solution for late payment in the industry..

For more details on the FTC, please click here.

We may have had formal recognition of our solution, but the recommendation put forward by MPs needs your support to prove that it is a viable solution, and to encourage the UK Government to put the Fair Treatment Charter into action.

We need YOUR support!

Please take 2 minutes to complete the form at the bottom of this page which will enable you to download your action pack containing the following:

-          A copy of the StreetwiseSubbie Fair Treatment Charter

-          A draft letter to be sent to the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Dr Vince Cable MP.

-          A draft letter to be sent to the Minister of State for Business and Enterprise, Michael Fallon MP

-          A draft letter to be sent to the local MP for YOUR constituency.

These draft letters come in Word document format to enable you to add any thoughts of your own to them, but we have outlined the main facts that will help you to get the point across quickly and easily.

All you have to do is fill in the blanks, print and send these letters to the correct addresses.

If everyone takes 2 minutes of their time to print and send these letters, it can and will have a huge impact on the industry you work in.

Please download and print your copy of the Action Pack now and do your bit to support #Buildfair4all and turn this declining industry into a thriving industry once more!

Tweet @streetwisesubbi and use the hashtag #buildfair4all to let us know you have done your bit, and to keep up with the campaign!

Please fill in the form below to download your Action Pack now for the benefit of all Specialist Contractors.

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