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Let Us Show You How We Can Definitely Help You...

Despite the increase in workload in certain areas of the market such as new house building, payment malpractice is at an all time high, and it’s you the Specialist Contractors that are suffering most.

Hi, I’m Barry Ashmore, and I’m here to tell you about a fantastic new and exciting resource for Specialist Sub-Contractors in the construction and engineering industries. Construction’s a tough place to do business right now, and Specialist Contractors need all the help you can get.

That’s why you will find our resources and expertise are invaluable, whatever the size of your business and whatever your specialisation.As an ex Electrical Contractor myself, and as a professional consultant whose spent the last 23 years resolving contractual problems for you guys, I know just how useful and effective StreetwiseSubbie can be.

We’re here to help you solve all your commercial and contractual problems, including the crucially important issue of getting paid.

Access to our Consultants, who are experts in solving your payment problems, is worth the monthly fee on its own, but you get so much more besides. Because, as a StreetwiseSubbie Gold Buddy, you get massive value, in return for a very low monthly subscription. And there’s no long term tie in, because you can cancel at any time after the first 3 months!

In that first 3 months alone you will receive an amazing £3,710 worth of value.

And each and every month whilst you are a Gold Buddy you are entitled to 2 hours of professional consultancy absolutely free of charge. Just think about that for a minute - each and every month you get 2 hours worth of professional advice and active support, which is worth a whole lot more than your monthly investment.

Plus you are getting all the other fantastic membership benefits as well. It’s all included in your low cost easily affordable monthly fee.

We help you to get started straight away on making a positive impact on your business with your 2 Streetwise Power Resource Toolkits, which are despatched to you immediately. These comprehensive sales and marketing, and commercial and contractual manuals are worth over £2,000, and they’re yours to keep, even if you decide to cancel your subscription.

Next, we will arrange for our Consultants to come over to your office, at a time that suits you, and take you through your unique Implementation Session. This is all designed to ensure that you are going to get maximum benefit from being a Gold Buddy.

The Implementation Session alone is worth over £600, but you don’t pay anything, because it’s all covered by your nominal monthly subscription. Plus there’s a whole range of other benefits too numerous to mention in this short video.

So please don’t miss this opportunity.

You can download a priority Reservation Certificate (at the very bottom of the page) and subscribe by way of Bankers Order.

Or you can subscribe on-line now by using your credit or debit card.

Click on the button below, and come and join the growing number of Specialist Contractors who are already benefitting from this fantastic nationwide service.

Or simply call us on 01773 712116 and we will take care of it all for you.

Please don’t miss out – action it now!

Protection For You And Your Business

You've worked hard to build up your business.

Now the Contractors are stealing it away from you and destroying your business to fund theirs!

You’ve earned your success but now they’re taking it from you, right under your nose!

They are laughing at you behind your back, whilst you have to endure;

  • not getting paid properly or on time
  • the cost of complying with onerous terms and conditions
  • the consequences of their poor contract management
  • their lack of reasonable and objective behaviour

Government commitments to pay Contractors within 30 days, have failed to ensure the money is passed quickly down the line to the Specialist Contractors. This has left many struggling to pay their bills; with cash flow nightmares and others without a business!

Are you equipped - by yourself - to protect your hard earned pounds from Contractors, creditors, predators, and a government that just doesn’t care?

We've had gold buddy membership for 3 months now, and it's been excellent value.

If you've already joined but haven't taken time to do the implementation, I would recommend finding the time to do it now. It highlighted for us a couple of areas of improvement which have been very useful.

If you haven't joined already, its worth considering that for less than £25 a week you've got really top class advice only a phone call away.

I've had 2 visits from SWS to look at contractual matters in depth, and this would have cost me as much as a year's SWS subscription if I'd gone to a contracts lawyer.

Its not so much a case of not being able to afford this service, more a case of you can't afford not to.

Find the time and money for this, it will reap dividends!”

Dave Smith Stone Edge

Come and see how can benefit you, join us on-line now by clicking the “Become A Gold Buddy Button”

Our aim is to stop payment abuse from happening and to create a stronger, long-term, future for Specialist Contractors. That is why we have created a new, monthly easily affordable subscription-based, model that helps you to;

  • quickly and cost effectively resolve commercial and contractual issues and disputes
  • easily access commercial and contractual support
  • benefit from resources that will make your company more commercially robust
  • find more profitable sources of work
  • have easy access to cost effective Professional Consultants local to you

Are you sick and tired of being treated like a second class citizen?

We can offer you a solution! is a unique new method of providing you with professional help and practical support by way of an affordable monthly subscription.

We specialise in working with Specialist Contractors who turnover £1–30 million, and our national network of Associate Consultants across 26 regions throughout the UK, means that we are close at hand, as and when you need us.

Our team are helping Specialist Contractors just like you, to resolve your problems in a way that is not being done by any of the existing trade bodies or other organisations in the UK.

“Its exactly what I’m looking for! To be able to pick up the phone and get advice and assistance whenever I need it. It’s fantastic.”

Stuart Togneri - Conspec Contracts

Specialising in the installation of wall, door and corner protection throughout the UK

See how can help you, join us on-line now on the “Become A Gold Buddy Button”

Who are we?

Barry Ashmore and Geoff Noake have created Ltd.

Barry’s background is 20 years as a Specialist Contractor, and the last 22 years as a professional consultant successfully resolving disputes for Specialist Contractors.

Geoff has 40 years professional experience in sales and marketing and has worked with industry giants such as Motorola and Toyota.

We are building our nationwide network of independant consultants to ensure that when you need us we are close at hand.

How it works

When you join, your low cost monthly subscription gives you instant access to a unique blend of Commercial and Contractual support and expertise, and effective industry specific Business Development skills, and every opportunity to enjoy a more profitable future.

If you feel as strongly about your business as we do about delivering quality service and solutions for Specialist Contractors, and want to secure your future and develop your business, we are offering you the opportunity to join our growing membership.

How it all fits together

We help you to quickly and cost effectively solve these problems;

  • Late and/or non payment
  • Under valuation of interim applications
  • Problems agreeing variations and final accounts
  • Collecting retention monies
  • Set off's and contra charges
  • Enquiries drying up
  • Prices too low and too much competition

Here are just some of the key benefits you will enjoy as a Gold Buddy;

1 In the first 3 months alone we will deliver a massive £3,710 worth of value for an initial payment of just £5.00 plus 2 payments of £94.97. And there’s no long term commitment - it’s a monthly arrangement!

2 We keep on delivering a massive £220 worth of active problem-solving help and support, each and every month. You only pay £94.97 per month but could be recovering £thousands!

3 Your 300 A4 page easy to follow industry specific manuals alone are worth £2,000, and they’re yours to keep, even if you decide to cancel after 3 months.

4 We will always talk to you in plain English. No legal jargon or marketing-speak, and we’ll work closely with you and your team to analyse your needs, and our free - over the phone Implementation Session shows you how to quickly and easily become more effective.

5 Most importantly we help you to resolve your problems quickly and cost effectively!

“Firstly, I would like to thank you for the Power Resource Toolkits that I received in the post.

I only wish I had heard of StreetwiseSubbie 9 months ago!”

Steve Gomm - IndigoProjects

Why suffer any longer?

Come and see how can benefit you!

Join us on-line now by clicking the “Become A Gold Buddy Button”

And if you join us on-line today we have a choice of Special Offers for you!

You can either get an Amazon Kindle absolutely free as our gift to you, or enjoy your first month for only £5!

Specialist Contractors

“Make Bigger Profits With Less Hassle and Solve Your Problems Quicker and More Economically Than You Ever Thought Possible!”

“Let Streetwise Solve Your Problems - Take Action Now and join An Exclusive Network for Specialist Contractors!”

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