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"Sharpen The Saw"

 A "Win Work - Get Paid - Make Money" Seminar

"Sharpen The Saw"  Tuesday 5 July 2016

According to business guru Stephen Covey, “Sharpen the Saw” means preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have - you! 

Sharpening the Saw keeps you fresh so you can continue to handle the challenges around you. And we all know how challenging Specialist Contracting can be... 

Here's Your Opportunity 

So here’s your opportunity today, right here, right now, to take action and Sharpen The Saw! 

Because here is your opportunity to join Specialist Contractors from all over the UK in an event exclusively for Specialist Contractors 

*** "Sharpen The Saw Seminar" *** 

Here are 10 great Saw Sharpening reasons why you should attend StreetwiseSubbie's latest "Win Work - Get Paid - Make Money" Seminar; 

1. This is real life , real time, use it now training, so that you come away with a clear and practical understanding using common industry sector reference material and experiences. 

2. Get ahead of the competition with the latest most up to date information on how to get paid on time.

 3. Find out how a few simple steps can help you to secure all the work you will ever need at the best possible price.

 4. See what the smart Specialist Contractors do to avoid the Main Contractors dirty tricks and onerous terms.

 5. Network with other like-minded Specialist Contractors and hear how they overcome their problems. 

6. Learn how to maximise the return from your hard work. 

7. Hear how to stay motivated for success. 

8. Discover what’s working and what’s not working in the battle to Win Work, Get Paid, and Make Money! 

9. Secure the knowledge that will keep your business safe over the next 12 months. 

10. Join the 1% of Specialist Contractors who are smart enough to take time out and immerse themselves in success! 

Seminar Content 

Payment Problems Solved: Get paid on time every time, and get paid what you are owed rather than what the main Contractor wants to pay you. 

Better Enquiries Build A Better Business: Most Specialist Contractors only compete on price. Don't be like the herd. Let us show you how. 

Organise Your Business For More Profit: A few simple techniques will help you to get the bigger profits you deserve. 

Problem Solving Workshop: Our unique approach to solving the problems you face on a daily basis. 

Spaces are strictly limited so please book now to ensure you don’t miss out. 

You can enquire about or reserve places by simply emailing us on or call 01773 712116

Places are exclusively for Specialist Contractors regardless of size or specialisation. 

Book today for only £145 plus VAT (there is no charge for our Gold and Platinum Buddies) and save yourself over 20% on the admission price! 

The later you leave your booking the more it costs. 

But hurry - Grab your place now – Because when they’re gone they’re gone! 

Date: Tuesday 5 July 2016 

Time: 9:00 am to 3:30 pm

 Location: Nottingham Belfry Hotel and Conference Centre.

 Convenient: 2 Minutes From M1 Junction 26



The construction industry is currently facing enormous challenges and even the biggest firms are feeling the heat.

Balfour Beatty recently revealed the full scale of its construction problems when its construction division reported a trading loss of £391m last year! 

Payment problems, and skill shortages threaten growth, whilst BIM, and green and low carbon initiatives have hit the buffers. And who knows whether or not HS2 will ever get built or what it will cost.

And how will this affect the thousands of Specialist Contracting companies who are the power house of the industry? 

Our exclusively for Specialist Contractors Conference "Win Work - Get Paid - Make Money" was all about down to earth contractual, commercial and marketing solutions, and practical support, for you the Specialist Contractor.  

The theme of this year’s conference was captured in the title “Win Work - Get Paid - Make Money” and the day was designed to help all Specialist Contractors find ways that they can achieve the above objectives without putting their business at risk.

Delegates were encouraged to grow their business by avoiding being drawn into the negative spiral of low tendering and cost-cutting, and learnt the secrets they need to avoid the bullying tactics and onerous contract conditions that often hold them back, and starve them of cash. 

The fast paced event was held at the Nottingham Belfry Hotel, Mellor's Way, Nottingham NG8 6PY on Tuesday 14 July 2015 and featured ten speakers, on a wide range of subjects especially selected for their particular importance to you the Specialist Contractor.

Quotes from some of the Specialist Contractors who attended

Impact Control Systems Ltd

“It’s been excellent! Different and much better than I thought it was going to be...” 

Telling (Finishings) Ltd

“Very worthwhile coming. We’re all faced with the same problems day on day and it’s been useful to find some answers!” 

Bespoke Drywall Ltd

“…It touches on exactly the problems we are all having, it’s definitely helping me.” 

Axiom Group

“It’s really, really good, very enjoyable some really good speakers, and they’re not on for too long either.” 

Taskmaster Doors, Birmingham:

“Thanks for last week’s do, we enjoyed it greatly and have decided to sign up [as a Streetwise Buddy].” 

S+B UK Ltd, Manchester:

My colleague Craig attended the recent Conference and has said that he found it most worthwhile. 

Demag Cranes and Components, Banbury:

“I really enjoyed the Streetwise event. I usually say that if I get 5 good pointers from such an event I can use in my business it was worthwhile. I got 11 pointers!!” 

Top Service, Redditch:

“A big thank you for inviting us to be part of your day on Friday. The whole Streetwise Subbie team did a fantastic job of hosting a brilliant day! 

Don't Miss Out - Book Now For 2016! 

For more information about StreetwiseSubbie, the ‘Win Work, Make Money, Get Paid’ Conference or to register your intention to attend in 2016, please email us on or call 01773 712116.


Previous Years

"Innovate To Survive and Prosper” 

Was The Core Message at “Breakthrough Construction 2014”


“Breakthrough Construction 2014”, was hosted by on Tuesday 10th June 2014 in Nottingham. The event saw over 100 Specialist Contractor delegates from the UK construction industry in attendance.

An impressive line-up of expert speakers, included the keynote speaker and London Underground Head of Commercial - Infrastructure Geoff Gilbert.

Gilbert spoke of the current supply chain delivery model being outdated and ill-equipped to carry us forward in this new, post recession economy. “The current construction supply chain approach is unsustainable” he says, and goes on to mention that UK infrastructure is actually 20% more expensive overall than its European counterparts, largely down to the current out-dated approach.

Gilbert went on to talk about the London Underground (LUL)’s new approach, which involves working direct with Tier 3 and 4 Specialist Contractors in order to sustain quality and productivity to but reduce costs and potentially improve time scales of works.

LUL are rolling out this new and revolutionary way of working based on the belief that “production leads... everything else enables.” They believe that the right capability, right attitude, appropriate delivery models like the one suggested by Geoff, and more collaboration are the key ingredients to creating a more cost effective, efficient and most importantly fairer future for UK construction.

Frankly, we couldn’t agree more, and if you would like to see how we could help you create a fairer future for your business click here!

Other notable themes from the conference included the increasing use of technology to bring Specialist Contractors together with both clients and industry peers. In the digital age it is vital that the construction industry embraces the new nature of business, both for innovation and for growth. 

Growing Specialist Contracting businesses through adding value was another hot topic, as various Specialist Contractor speakers explained ways in which growth had been achieved and value added in their own businesses.

And whilst growth is a very hot topic, the delegates discussed the fact that some age old challenges are still being scattered in the path of Specialist Contractors by those less scrupulous Contractors in the industry.

Delegates also heard how payment issues and other problems that commonly arise can be identified and avoided, and how they can be solved.

The buzz at the conference was felt by all as the 10 expert speakers made quick and interesting presentations during which they shared their own knowledge, experiences and expertise in a bid to help Specialist Contractors take control of both their own business and the future of the industry.

The positive atmosphere that resonated throughout the day showed that the Specialist Contractors in the industry are ready for positive change, and welcome innovation with open arms. We must all innovate to survive. 

If you would like  your business to Breakthrough Construction in 2014 and beyond, click here now or call us on 01773 712116 for details.

Best regards

Barry J Ashmore

Download the Presentations Here

Keynote Speaker: Geoff Gilbert London Underground
                                 Head of Commercial - Infrastructure Download Presentation

Full Schedule:  Conference Speakers and Programme

Barry J Ashmore

“The 5 Fatal Mistakes Most Specialist Contractors Make” 

Download Presentation

Neal James - Panthera

“Dad Said Marketing Isn’t For Us Subbies - How I Proved Him Wrong!”

Hear from Neal James MD of Panthera Group about how he overcame his firm's reluctance to embrace "marketing" and how getting smarter at it is paying enormous dividends. We reckon that if you can use marketing to bring site hoardings into the 21st Century then you can apply it to any business!

Download Presentation

Jessica McGowan - Investment Sense

"How to Win Friends And Influence People"
Pensions aren't the sexiest of subjects but Jessica has a great way making the complicated simple and make sure that the nightmare of auto enrollment can actually be turned around and used to win friends and influence people! Namely your team!
Download Presentation

David Galavan - Prater

“To Grow Or Not To Grow? – That Is The Question”

Hear from David Galavan Commercial Director at envelope specialist Prater about the challenges of growing from a £10 million turnover company to an 80 million turnover company, and whether or not it was worth the effort!

Download Presentation

Richard Brackenbury - Shakespeares Solicitors

“Winding Up Petitions – Will They Get Your Cash Or Blow Up In Your Face?”

Solicitor Richard Brackenbury will explain exactly when and how to use "winders" to get your money and how to ensure they don't blow up in your face and cost you dearly!

Download Presentation

Natalie Wilson - StreetwiseSubbie Consultant

“What Your Kids Can Teach You About Business?”

Let's face it your kids think they know everything! So why not listen to them? Mmmm, I'm sure our expert Natalie Wilson will explain, and whilst she may not look it, she is old enough to drive, drink and vote!

Download Presentation

Key Note speaker Geoff Gilbert Head of Commercial - Infrastructure

"Why LUL Are Going Direct To Specialist Contractors on £330 million Project!"

Hear why LUL are contracting directly with 20 UK Specialist Contractors

The seven year project will involve £330m worth of restoration work on 70 stations, with just the consultants and LUL themselves overseeing the work. 

LUL believe the advantages will far outweigh the risks.

Download Presentation

Andrew Foy -  StreetwiseSubbie Consultant

"How Doing Less Can Have You Laughing All The way To The Bank"
Andrew Foy is an expert in ISO Certification and an ex Specialst Contractor. Andrew is going to dispel the myths about certification and show us how doing less can have you laughing all the way to the bank!
Download Presentation

Bernard Coleman - WGL Stoneclean

"Adding Value - Do It Or Die"

He's back! Bernie Coleman star of stage and screen, well our stage anyway! Bernie (one of the poshest Specialist Contractors you are ever likely to meet) is back for another entertaining and thought provoking session!

Sorry Bernie Didn't Use Any Notes!

Feedback from last year's conference:

‘Specialist Contracting in the UK is Broken! - What Can We Do To Fix It?’

The speakers and delegates who attended reached close to 100 in number and all took something away from the event, with many thanking us for the insightful and enjoyable day.

Taskmaster Doors: “Thanks for last week’s do, we enjoyed it greatly and have decided to sign up [as a Streetwise Buddy].”

S+B UK Ltd: My colleague Craig attended the recent Conference and has said that he found it most worthwhile. As I result, I have sent an e mail to Tanya to see how we can best avail ourselves of the services you offer.

Demag Cranes and Components:  “I really enjoyed the Streetwise event. I usually say that if I get 5 good pointers from such an event I can use in my business it was worthwhile. I got 11 pointers!!”

Top Service:  “A big thank you for inviting us to be part of your day on Friday. The whole Streetwise Subbie team did a fantastic job of hosting a brilliant day! 

Shakespeares Legal LLP: “Thanks for the opportunity. It had a great good "buzz". 

Essential Print Services: “I drove away buzzing my socks off.”

Giles:  “I very much enjoyed it!!”

Natalie Wilson: “The atmosphere was amazing; I felt such a buzz  and really part of something big!” Ltd © - Privacy Policy - Terms & Conditions

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