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Construction and Engineering Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution For Specialist Sub-Contractors

Whatever the nature of your dispute Streetwisesubbie has your solution.

Streetwise is here to provide Specialist Sub-Contractors in the construction and engineering industry with practical advice, information and active support. .

If you are having problems receiving payment of an Interim Application or Invoice and you need help to resolve it, please call us now for initial free advice** on 01773 712116 and one of our team of highly experienced and qualified Consultants will be able to help.

We specialise in helping Sub-Contractors in the construction and engineering industries to resolve problem issues. Click here to find out about how we can help you resolve your problems.

Alternatively you can click on the link below to access a quick guide to the various methods of dispute resolution.

It will provide you with the information that you need to make informed decisions. Take a few minutes to read it now...

And remember that key members of your Virtual Team have significant experience in the resolution of disputes for Specialist Subcontractors just like you.

From a few £thousand to a few £million the team has the expertise to answer your questions and help you solve your problem.


You now have a whole bunch of switched on friends you can turn to for advice and support any time you need it! All you need to do is to click on Ask Streetwise orStreetwise Confidentialfor all the advice and support you're ever likely to need.

Alternatively you can access other sections of the site which may be of use to you such as;

There are alternatives to formal dispute resolution and one such alternative is mediation.

The settlement of construction and engineering disputes by mediation is relatively common. However, it is not a process to be entered into lightly or without taking some appropriate advice.

If you simply haven't got time to look or have any other question whatsoever relating to a subcontract dispute and you can't find what you are looking for, remember to use the Ask Streetwiseor Streetwise Confidentialfeature on this site to ask our Virtual Team of experts for help. It's free!

Let's get Streetwise!!

P.S. If you need urgent advice in relation to a Construction or Engineering Dispute and would prefer to speak to someone immediately, then please call us now on 01773 712116.That's Free** too!

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