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Interim Management

Interim management is the temporary provision of management skills.

The majority of assignments are in the fields of company change, transition, bridging critical or unexpected staffing gaps and strengthening an existing team who are under performing or over stretched.

Experienced Interim Managers are aligned only to the clients brief and are not burdened by the restraints of politics or long term positioning. They "hit the ground running," guaranteeing rapid results as more often that not are over qualified for the project.

Why Use An Interim Manager?

Interim managers typically manage change, fill skill gaps and deliver projects over a short period of time at short notice, making them a cost effective resource. Most businesses encounter periods where they do not have the relevant in house skills.

If you like, they cannot see "the wood through the trees".

You may need to change to become more effective, or to deliver a project on time and within budget, or effectively resolve situations that have gone wrong.

You may also benefit from a fresh pair of eyes with the attendant skills to move things forward quickly and effectively.

Management Problems?

If you have any problems whatsoever relating to the management of your business and you can't find what you are looking for, then why not use the  Ask Streetwise or Streetwise Confidential feature on this site to ask our virtual team of experts for help?

Good Management Requires Good Managers

The Chartered Management Institute is the only chartered professional body that is dedicated to management and leadership. The Institute is committed to raising the performance of business by championing management. They do this through supporting and advising individuals and organisations, or through engaging policy makers and key influencers in government and the management profession.

Streetwise is delighted to recommend the Chartered Management Institute to all Streetwise Buddies, you can find them at

Amongst there many and wide ranging activities they produce incisive reports on a wide range of issues. You can get a certain amount of information for free. A taster if you will, which you can find here; Free Reports If you do want more in depth material please email us at Ltd © - Privacy Policy - Terms & Conditions

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