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Stop The Subby Bashing! #buildgate

Abuse Of Specialist Contractors Is On The Increase Again!

Unfortunately in lots of ways nothing much has changed in the last 20 years, as far as Specialist Sub-Contractors are concerned! With one important distinction.

The Risk of Subby Bashing is Now Even Higher!

Unfortunately for you as a Specialist Contractor in the current economic climate the risk is even higher because you cannot be certain that the company holding on to your money is going to be around to pay out when the time comes?

So here is a Golden Opportunity to protect your business, in the form of our amazing Gold Buddy Membership Service. It has everything you need to help you fight back, get paid what you are rightfully owed, get paid on time, and protect the future of your business...

Click here for options.

The construction industry is suffering in the current economy, but it is the Specialist Contractors who are taking the brunt of it, and abuse by Contractors is not only on the increase, the cynical nature of the abuse is a disgrace.

There are lots of Contractors out there who have won work at negative margins and now the chickens are coming home to roost, they are doing their utmost to find a profit from somewhere.

And that can mean only one thing - You are right in the firing line!

Clients come to us time and time again suffering from the following situation;

  • They are owed tens of £thousands by the Contractor.
  • The Contractor refuses to value their account properly
  • The Contractor hides behind the terms of his onerous contract.
  • Then the Contractor hits the Sub-Contractor with his contra charges that he has dreamed up out of nowhere!

There is no substance to his allegations, and no reason for not valuing your variations, but in the meantime the Contractor gets to keep your money and can afford to sit back and wait to see what happens!

Specialist Contractors often complain that there is nothing they can do to improve their position, but in my experience that's just not the case.

There are lots of things you can do and one essential resource that provides information and advice that applies to all Specialist Sub-Contractors is right here at

For a start there's lots of free information right here on the site.

But, the real benefits come when you become one of our Buddies.

Here are the options.

You see, our service is completely different from the kind of thing you may already be getting from your Trade Association and provides you with an economical means to access a nationwide network of leading industry experts, who can help you with the crucial aspect business - getting paid!

But you’ve got to be willing to try something new, because we are now living through the longest downturn for more than a century. And in this economy, carrying on in the same old way will destroy you.

Don't believe me? Google "5126 construction firms failed since 2009" and see what comes up!

There is a solution. The solution is that you become extraordinarily good at doing the things that will protect your business for the future.

Not next month or next year when it will be too late….but right now. You can do this with our help and expertise, and by becoming one of our Gold Buddies today.

When you become a Streetwise Gold Buddy you will enjoy unrivalled support from experts who genuinely know how the Construction and Engineeering industries work.

And with our fantastic "No Brainer Offer" you actually get more than you pay for!

Our easy to afford monthly payment plan priced at only £94.97 +VAT per month delivers £3,710 of value in the first 3 months alone!

And you can cancel any time after the first 3 months - but why would you when every single month you get a massive £220 of value but only pay £94.97!

Here’s What Your Amazing Benefits Package Includes

Professional Help and Support To Get You Paid and Help You Grow Your Business

2 x Streetwise Power Resource Toolkits© Worth A Staggering £2000!

2 Hours Professional Consultancy Worth £190 Free Every Single Month!

A Contractual and Business Development Implementation At Your Office Worth Over £600!

25% Discount off Top Service Credit Reference Service

5% Discount Off A Barbour-ABI Business Lead Generation Service Tailored for You!

Free insurance review - Which could save you £thousands!

Free places at annual seminars Worth Minimum £250


Monthly Updates to Manuals, Fee Web Access, Free telephone support,

Free email support, and Access to Legal Expenses Insurance

No Long Term Commitment and

The Value Of Your Benefits Far Exceeds Your Monthly Investment!

No wonder we call it our "No Brainer Package"!

Don't fall into the same trap as your competitors where finding out how to work smarter not harder is consigned to the back burner!

It should be treated as one of the most important aspects of your business.

It’s something that could make the difference between your company bumping along the bottom of the market and failing, or being successful.
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