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Streetwise Wiki

The aim of Streetwise Wiki is to enable you to get a quick definition of the most common words, terms and phrases used in the construction and engineering industry and business generally.

If you can't find what you need please don't ignore it, it could prove costly! You can call us for free during office hours on 01773 712116, or you can use the Ask Streetwise and/or Streetwise Confidentialfacilities to ask any question you like relating to your business and get an answer from our Virtual Team of Experts.

Accord and Satisfaction
Advance Payment
Breach of Contract
Collateral Warranty
Common Law
Construction Contract
Economic Duress
Express Term
Force Majeure
Garnishee Order
Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)
Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act 1996
Implied Term
Indemnity Clause

Here is an A-Z of other construction terms that you may come across as a Specialist Sub-Contractor; 

A abatement, acceptance, access, accord and satisfaction, accounts, activity schedule, adjudication, advance payment, adverse weather, affidavit, affirmation of contract, agreement, ambiguity, anticipatory breach, applications for payment, approximate quantities, arbitration, articles of agreement, ascertainment, assignment, attendance, attestation, award,

B benefits, best endeavours, bill of quantities, bonds, breach of contract, building regulations, burden of proof,

C cash discount, causation, certificates, civil procedure rules, claims, clerk of works, client’s representative, client’s requirements, collateral warranties, common law, compensation event, completion, completion date, condition precedent, conditions of contract, contractor, consequential loss, consideration, construction contract, construction act, construction industry scheme, construction management, construction operations, construction phase, contemporaneous records, contingency, contra proferentem, contract clauses, contract documents, contract drawings, contract sum, contract sum analysis, contributory negligence, copyright, cost reimbursement contracts, costs, custom and practice,

D damages, dayworks, deeds, defective work, defects, defects liability period, delay, delay and disruption, design liability, design portion supplement, determination, direct loss and/or expense, dispute, disruption, DOM/1, DOM/2, drawings, duty of care,

E economic duress, Eichleay formula, Emden formula, employer, employer’s agent, employer’s representative, employer’s requirements, entitlements, estimate, execution, expert witness, express terms, extension of time, extra work,

F facilities management, fair valuation, fiduciary interest, final account, final certificate, finance charges, fitness for purpose, fixed price, float, fluctuating price, force majeure, foreseeability, forthwith, foundations, frustration,

G GC/Works, general damages, good faith, gross valuation, guaranteed maximum price,

H handover, head contract, health and safety file, health and safety plan, Housing Grants Construction and Regeneration Act 1996, how to get paid, Hudson formula,

I implied term, impossibility, inconsistency, incorporation of terms, indemnity, information, insolvency, inspection, instruction, insurance, interest, interim applications, interim certificates, interim payment, intermediate form of contract, interpretation, invitation to tender,

J JCT contracts, JCT sub-contracts, joint names, policy, jurisdiction,


L labour, latent defect, Latham Report, letters of intent, liability, life cycle costing, liquidated damages, liquidation, litigation, loss and expense, loss of productivity, loss of profit, lump sum contract,

M main contract, main contractor, maintenance period, management contract, master programme, materially affected, materials, measurement, merchantable quality, MF/1, marketing, minutes of meetings, misrepresentation, mistake, mitigation, mobilisation, moiety,

N named supplier, NEC/3, negligence, non payment, negotiation, neutral event, nominated sub-contractor, nominated supplier, nomination, notices, novation, numbered documents,

O offer, off site materials, omissions, onerous terms, overheads, ownership,

P parol evidence, partial possession, partnering, payment, penalty, performance, performance bond, performance specification, performance specified work, period of suspension, planning supervisor, plans, plant, possession, postponement, practical completion, price, priced activity schedule, prime cost, prime cost sum, priority of documents, privity of contract, programme, progress, project manager, prolongation, provisional quantities, provisional sum,

Q quality issues, quantity surveyors, quantum, quantum meruit, quasi-contract, quotation,

R rates, rates and prices, reasonable, reasonable skill and care, reasonable time, receiver, recitals, rectification, referral, regular progress, regularly and diligently, reinstatement, relevant event, remedy, repudiation, respondent, restitution, retention, retention fund, retention of title, Romalpa clause,

S sales, sales letters, schedule of prices, schedule of rates, schedule of work, scheme for construction contracts, Scott schedule, sectional completion, self billing, selling, set off,  settlement, shop drawings, shrinkages, similar character, similar conditions, simple contract, site, site conditions, skill and care, snagging, special damages, speciality contract, specific performance, specification, specified perils, stage payment, standard form of contract,  standard method of measurement, standard of care, statutory demand, strict liability, sub-contract, substantial completion, suitability for purpose, summary judgment, supervising officer, supervision, surety, suspension,

T taking over, target cost, tender, term contract, time, time at large, title, trade discount, turnkey contract,

U uncertainty, unfair contract terms act, unfair terms,

V valuation, value, value added tax, variation order, variations, vesting certificate, vicarious liability, void or voidable,

W warranty, web site design, withholding notices, without prejudice, working drawings, works, works contractor, writing,

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