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Top Service Credit Reference Agency

Improved Credit Referencing

Exclusively for Specialist Sub-Contractors!

It sounds obvious, but ensuring you are going to get paid should be one of your top strategic priorities. But, how many Specialist Sub-Contractors get accurate up to date information about the Contractors and Clients they are expecting to pay them?

Top Service are the only specialist credit reference and debt recovery agency for the UK construction industry.  Over 2,500 companies already subscribe to their service, spanning many different sectors of the construction industry.

Some debtors take advantage of the lack of communication amongst Specialist Sub-Contractors and historically Top Service acted as an unbiased information network.

One thing that all Specialist Sub-Contractors have in common is that you are all taking a risk when supplying to the construction industry on a credit basis.

Top Service have been described as a 'protection society’, a ‘community', a ‘credit circle’ and a 'national grapevine of information'.  Apart from identifying slow payers and bad debtors their information sharing network has also foiled a number of frauds over the years.

Top Service can provide you with:

*  Relevant, accurate and up-to-date credit information.  Top Service pick up adverse indicators much faster than other agencies because they concentrate on the construction industry.  Unlike other agencies theyt follow up on gossip, tip-offs, news stories, hunches and gut feelings as well following up the more traditional sources of information.

*  Up to 120 free chasing letters every year that really produce results.  88% of the chasing letters that they send out on behalf of customers produce some kind of payment.  Many agencies charge between £2 - £5 for a chasing letter so you are potentially saving £600 per annum.  And just like StreetwiseSubbie, their name also carries a lot of weight in the industry because debtors know that they keep a record of  their payment practices.

*  An unlimited number of chasing emails.

*  'No win, no fee' debt recovery in cases where a chasing letter or email fails to elicit a payment.  Top Service have higher than average success rates because their service is geared 100% to the construction industry.  No commission is charged until the money has actually cleared in your bank.

*  An unlimited amount of free help, advice and guidance as far as credit control is concerned, including free samples of credit application forms and directors’ personal guarantees.

All of which dovetails in very nicely with the advice and expertise available to you from the Streetwise network of Specialist Construction Contracts Consultants, who are on hand to help you with the more difficult or complex construction disputes.

And now, thanks to Streetwisesubbie you can access all these essential services at a substantial discount.*

So come and see how StreetwiseSubbie and Top Service can meet your needs...

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