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Training And Seminars

At Streetwise we are always looking to solve Specialist Sub-Contractor's problems. That includes subcontractors problems relating to training in the construction and engineering industries. Here's what one of our recent delegates had to say about us;


After attending the ‘Streetwise’ seminar, I am pleased to congratulate you and your team for the professionalism shown.
I have attended many seminars now,...but this seminar has exceeded my expectations.
I will be recommending your team’s services to all those I meet, and ... I firmly believe ... no other organisations offer such tailored services.
... thank you, Geoff and the others involved for such an enjoyable and thought provoking day.

Jason McNeillEnvDip,Tech IOSH,AIEMA
EHS/Commercial Advisor

Specialist Sub-Contracting in construction and engineering can be a complicated business and it's no surprise that at some point you are going to face problems relating to training.

Our courses provide a practical no-nonsense approach to learning all the basic principles that can easily be understood and used for the benefit of your business on a day to day basis.

We have been successfully presenting courses for Specialist Sub-Contractors for 16 years and we have practised what we preach, because in that time our experts have recovered literally millions of pounds on behalf of Specialist Subcontractors using simple techniques that you can easily learn.

Specialist Sub-Contractors Commercial and Contractual Awareness Training

The following issues can be covered and everything is always thoroughly explained to delegates attending our courses;

In 90% of disputes the contract is not properly formed!

· An introduction to how contracts are formed

· What are contracts all about?

· Learn to easily find the information that is really important

· Are you putting the company at risk?

· What role do preliminaries and preambles play in the contract?

· Does the specification take precedence over the other contract documents?

· How to turn conflicting terms to your advantage

Very rarely do both parties know what the terms really mean!

· An introduction to standard form contracts

· Learn the important features of a contract and how it affects you

· Are suppliers and sub-contractors avoiding their liabilities?

· Learn what you must do and why you must do it when placing orders

· Are you in breach of contract but don’t know it

Variations can increase your profits or cost you a fortune!

· So what exactly is a variation?

· Learn the importance of drawing logs and other information issued to you

· Avoid non payment of variations simply by following the rules

· Are you maximising your recovery from variations?

· What should be included in a variation?

· What rates and prices are you entitled to use?

· Can you agree the price before doing the extra work?

· Learn the essentials about daywork sheets

· Avoid arguments about signing daywork sheets

· The importance of accurate timesheets and site logs

· Getting final accounts agreed can be a battle. How to win the battle and keep the client happy into the bargain

An introduction to the dangers called design!

· Avoid the onerous obligations that arise without you knowing

· Learn about the true extent of the professional team’s responsibility

· Does getting your drawings “approved” offer you any protection?

· Why you shouldn’t always do what you are told!

Do you always get the blame for being late?

· An introduction to time in construction contracts and how to protect your interests right from the outset

· Are you forced to work to the main contractors programme?

· The deadly effects of out of sequence working

· The importance of delay notices and how to keep them simple

· Should you be concerned about the threat of liquidated damages?

· What is extension of time and can we recover additional costs?

Most business failures occur because they run out of money!

· An introduction to payment in construction contracts

· How can you get paid the right amount?

· Learn how to always get paid on time

· The secret is in the details

· Sample applications for payment

· Can you stop work if you don’t get paid?

If you are going to make a claim make it stick!

· An introduction to claims and the essential part you play!

· Learn the three essentials of a great claim

· How can you prove you have been delayed?

· Disruption will cost you a fortune if you let it

· If you can get the time can you get the money?

· Stick to your guns and negotiate like a professional

Don’t be fooled by its name this Act is great for You!

· An introduction to the best thing since sliced bread!

· Does this Act apply to your projects?

· Learn how to use the Act to secure your payments

· Are you still being clobbered by Main Contractor’s set-offs?

· What to do about pay when paid clauses

· Adjudication is a fast and efficient way to get things sorted when you know how!

For details about our next public seminar please give us a call for a no obligation chat on 01773 712116.

Or, if you have any questions whatsoever relating to training for subcontractors, then why not use the Ask Streetwise or Streetwise Confidential feature on this site to ask our virtual team of experts for help?

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