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What our Buddies Say About Us

We love to have your feedback.

Here's a sample of what our Buddies have had to say about us;

We've had gold buddy membership for 3 months now, and it's been excellent value.

If you've already joined but haven't taken time to do the implementation, I would recommend finding the time to do it now. It highlighted for us a couple of areas of improvement which have been very useful.

If you haven't joined already, its worth considering that for less than £25 a week you've got really top class advice only a phone call away.

I've had 2 visits from SWS to look at contractual matters in depth, and this would have cost me as much as a year's SWS subscription if I'd gone to a contracts lawyer.

Its not so much a case of not being able to afford this service, more a case of you can't afford not to.

Find the time and money for this, it will reap dividends!”

Dave Smith Stone Edge

"Many thanks for your recent advice regarding a contractual matter and your prompt, straightforward advice regarding applications, dayworks and more.

I feel genuinely reassured having found this site and the backup provided from your team."

R. Burgess, Painting Subcontractor

“StreetwiseSubbie has already added to our contractual awareness and we can see how their marketing expertise will help us in the’s definitely a good deal and very informative!”

Stuart Bailey, Managing Director William Bailey Ltd

"After attending the ‘Streetwise Wealth and Security’ seminar, I am all too pleased to congratulate you and your team for the professionalism shown. I have attended many seminars now, with the aim to personally develop and acquire additional experiences from likewise professionals - this seminar has exceeded my expectations.  Whilst there was limited time, I am in no doubt that the lessons learned and the salient points put across, have now been embedded in my own school of thought.

I will be recommending your team’s services to all those I meet, and will continually be looking for additional products, other than the booklets purchased, on a continual basis. I firmly believe you have a niche market and fills the gap(s) thereto for sub-contracting – no other organisations offer such tailored services.

Given that the seminar is absolutely free and the information you take away from it is invaluable, people would be mad to miss it! I would like to thank you, Geoff and the others involved for such an enjoyable and thought provoking day."

Jason McNeillEnvDip,Tech IOSH,AIEMA EHS/Commercial Advisor Hirst and Danson

"The initial StreetwiseSubbie induction session provided us with a comprehensive marketing report....and their free consultancy service for copy writing helped us to secure top quality press coverage in our area.”

Tim Keyes, Managing Director NWP Electrical and Mechanical Limited

“Sub-Contractor friendly, down to earth commercial and contractual advice
and support that has already helped us enormously.”

Karl Bradshaw, Director B&S Electrical Contractors Ltd

"StreetwiseSubbie provides no nonsense marketing advice that’s easy to understand and gives us a straightforward plan of action we can work through together.”

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