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Free To Join Your Exclusive Group!

Nationwide Alliance of Specialist Contractors

Are You A UK Specialist Contractor?

If you haven't already done so yet, you are invited to join our exclusive group of over 1,700 Specialist Sub-Contractors on LinkedIn, with Directors, Owners, Managers and Senior level members, this group is a powerful source of serious debate and knowledge sharing.

You can find this exclusive group at this link;  Click Here

"This group is a great idea, thanks! I am so pleased there is finally a forum to share relevant and needed information...particularly regarding Main Contractors that don't pay!"

It's an exclusive alliance of Specialist Sub-Contractors in the Construction and Engineering Industries, and it helps you to interact with literally 1,700 other Sub-Contractors irrespective of your size or specialisation.

You can pick up information that will benefit you, and your business and everyone shares intelligence about the industry for the benefit of all group members.

Want to know which Contractors never pay on time?

Need to know how over a thousand other Sub-Contractors deal with variations, delays extension of time, set off or liquidated damages?

It’s all here, and because it’s exclusively for Sub-Contractors, the Contractors of the world aren’t allowed in!

You can find this exclusive LinkedIn group at this link;  Click Here

And if you aren't already on LinkedIn and haven't got time to set it up yourself, we will even do it all for you for free!  Just email us at or call us on 01773 712116.  

“Sub-Contractor friendly, down to earth commercial and contractual advice and support that has already helped us enormously.”

Many Specialist Sub-Contractors fall into the same traps that unreasonable and unscrupulous Contractors set for them and are left carrying the can when it all goes wrong.

Your StreetwiseSubbie LinkedIn Group is designed to help protect your interests and support you, the Specialist Sub-Contractor, because you’re the ones who:

•           do all the real work
•           have all the expertise in your field
•           employ all the labour
•           manage all the resources
•           buy all the materials
•           and resolve all the problems

In short you are the guys who actually get things done!

The trouble is you don't get the recognition or rewards your hard work deserves.

Your Streetwisesubbie group is about providing you with a network of like-minded Specialist Contractors and all the resources and information you need to enable you to excel in your particular field of expertise.

And get the recognition and rewards you deserve. Both personally and as a company.

Your group is about fantastic practical resources.

It's about getting an answer to your problem when you need it.

It's about sharing information and best practice.

It's also about bringing a smile to your face!

Come and join Streetwisesubbie on LinkedIn.

You can find this exclusive group at this link;  Click Here

Your Wealth and Security

This is an exclusive alliance of Specialist Sub-Contractors, dedicated to your wealth and security.

In short, it's about helping you to become Streetwise in everything you do!

"What a great idea this group is, we are a small security services provider and find possibly the worst payers are the big boys in the construction industry, whatever they agree, they do their own thing!"

If you are a Specialist Sub-Contractor based in the UK, and haven't already done so yet, you are invited to join our exclusive group of over 1,700 members on LinkedIn. 

You can find this exclusive group at this link;  Click Here

It is the only group exclusively for Specialist Sub-Contractors, and as a result it promotes open and frank discussion about issues which affect all Specialist Sub-Contractors in the UK Construction and Engineering Industries. 

Once you apply to join there is a short delay whilst our group administrator verifies that you are eligible to join.

So, if you don't qualify please don't apply. You will NOT get in!

Dangerous Times for Specialist Contractors

There has never been a more dangerous time for Specialist Sub-Contractors! 

So, our exclusive group aims to protect as many as possible.

Please Click Here and it will bring you straight to our group.

"Many thanks for your recent help and your prompt, straightforward advice regarding applications, dayworks and more. I feel genuinely reassured having found this group..."

From what I have seen throughout the last couple of years and from what our State of the Industry Survey is telling us, the industry is far worse now than it was back in the darkest days of Subbie Bashing!

By nature I am a very optimistic positive person. But, I am also a realist and can see no change any time soon. So please take action to protect your business and come and join us now.

Lively, no holds barred (Sub-Contractors only) debate is just one of the reasons for this group’s popularity and with over 1,700 members it is the must join group for you this year. 

With Directors, Owners, Managers and Senior level members, this group is all about worthwhile meaningful debate, information and ideas – none of the usual drivel you get on some forums! 

So if you are sick of taking crap from non paying bully boy Contractors – or want to find out what 1,700 of your fellow Sub-Contractors are up to – or simply want a better future for you and your business, then come and share your thoughts and experience and find out how to fight back and win in the difficult months ahead!

Please Click Here and it will bring you straight to our group. 

I look forward to seeing you there. 

Best regards

Barry J Ashmore

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