Communication Is The Key

This week’s blog post is a very brief one about communication as the key to success for Specialist Contractors.

As you know, we are officially in the Information Age.

Like it or lump it, we are all members of a society who connect through the internet, not just to it. Text, Whats App,Twitter, Facebook, Face Time etc. etc. love it or loathe it we can’t turn back the clock.

The Communication Age is here to stay…

So, what has this got to do with Specialist Contractors?

Well, I reckon that you have an amazing opportunity to use the explosion of easy communication to massive benefit in your business,  and here is one simple example of how.

Back in the day if you wanted to know which Main Contractors paid on time, or what they were like to deal with, there wasn’t really anywhere to find out. Yes, you could check their credit rating but that won’t tell you much, and unless you personally knew someone who had worked for them then you were stumped.

And if you had a question about variations, or set off, or suspending work your chances of getting a quick and easy answer were limited.


So what’s changed?


Now there is a fantastic resource exclusively for Specialist Contractors in the form of and our LinkedIn Group of over 2,100 owners directors and senior staff, of Specialist Contracting businesses sharing information and knowledge for the benefit of all.


So if you aren’t part of it yet – you should be!


And if you are part of it you should be using it to it’s full capabilities, and encouraging every UK Specialist Contractor to join, because this is a powerful source of serious debate and knowledge sharing.


This group is the catalyst for massive change in the industry, and we will be announcing more about that soon.


You can find this FREE and exclusive group at this link;  Join Now


Here’s what one member says;


“This group is a great idea, thanks! I am so pleased there is finally a forum to share relevant and needed information…particularly regarding Main Contractors that don’t pay!”


It’s an exclusive alliance of Specialist Contractors in the Construction and Engineering Industries, and it helps you to interact with literally 2,100 other Specialist Contractors irrespective of your size or specialisation.


You can pick up information that will benefit you, and your business and everyone shares intelligence about the industry for the benefit of all group members.


  • Want to know which Contractors never pay on time?
  • Need to know how over two thousand other Specialist Contractors deal with variations, delays extension of time, set off or liquidated damages?
  • It’s all here, and because it’s exclusively for Specialist Contractors, the Contractors of the world aren’t allowed in.


You can find this free and exclusive LinkedIn group at this link;  Join Now


And if you aren’t already on LinkedIn and haven’t got time to set it up yourself, we will even do it all for you for free!  Just email us at or call us on 01773 712116.


Here’s another view;


“Sub-Contractor friendly, down to earth commercial and contractual advice and support that has already helped us enormously. And none of the drivel you get on other forums!”


Your StreetwiseSubbie group is about providing you with a network of like-minded Specialist Contractors and all the resources and information you need to enable you to excel in your particular field of expertise.


And get the recognition and rewards you deserve. Both personally and as a company.


  • It’s about getting an answer to your problem when you need it.
  • It’s about sharing information and best practice.
  • It’s also about bringing a smile to your face!


Come and join this free and exclusive group at this link;  Join Now


I hope you enjoyed this blog post and that it gave you some food for thought, and I sincerely hope to speak with you soon.

In the meantime if you need any help with any of your business issues, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call.


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