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We Need To Tell You About …

Our Director’s meetings are normally lively affairs and yesterday’s was no exception. One of the topics that Tanya quite rightly raised was about our ever growing range of dedicated services for you …

#WiseUpWednesday Retention “Discussed” In Parliament

This week’s Wise Up Wednesday Guide for Specialist Contractors is a bit unusual in as far as it has an extract from yesterday’s business in the House Of Commons which included a …

#WiseUpWednesday Vote For Yourself & All Subcontractors

Unless you have been living on Mars for the last few months you will know that tomorrow is election day. Once you’ve voted and played your part in deciding who is going to …

When you’re not getting paid in construction, when is the problem not about payment?

Don’t confuse the two… Question: When you’re not getting paid, when is the problem not about payment? Answer: When it’s a dispute about valuation. The two things are interconnected but they are …

Does This Sound Familiar? Common Issues Subbies Have Over and Over Again

This week’s blog is about the questions Specialist Contractors ask us over and over again. Here’s a typical example (amended to preserve anonymity); “We have recently completed a contract for the installation …

Payment Still Major Concern Despite Increased Workload

Specialist Contractors are still suffering from late payment on public sector projects despite an upturn in workload. According to the latest survey payment remains a major concern for building services firms, with …

Wise Up Wednesday: Orders Are A Process Not An Event

Orders Are A Process Not An Event Receiving an order is not just an event, it’s a process and it’s one of the most difficult processes to get right! Nowadays most enquiries …

New Year – New Payment Nightmares?

Some of the commentators say construction is still on the up, some say the bubble has burst. Whichever view you subscribe to, we know that many Specialist Contractors are still experiencing Payment …

Wise Up Wednesday: Will 2016 Be Better Than 2015 for UK Construction?

Will 2016 Be Better Than 2015 for UK Construction? Happy New Year! For most Specialist Contractors the last couple of weeks have been a very important time of the year. First, for …

Why SMEs Have To Work Christmas

  I sincerely hope you will be having a wonderful time this Christmas and won’t be working! Sadly some members of our family will be working on Christmas Day, one in hospital …

Become a Streetwise Buddy

Construction’s a tough place to do business right now, and Specialist Contractors need all the help you can get. That’s why you will find our resources and expertise are invaluable, whatever the size of your business and whatever your specialisation. We’re here to help you solve all your business problems, including the crucially important contractual ones, such as getting paid.

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