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‘Wise Up Wednesday’ –  Specialist Contractors Commercial & Contractual Advice

‘Wise Up Wednesday’ is a weekly email newsletter from StreetwiseSubbie that’s focuses on different topics relating to contractual and commercial matters for trade contractors, specialist contractors and sub contractors in the construction industry.

wise up wednesday is written by barry ashmore exclusively for specialist subcontractors.Written by Contracts expert Barry Ashmore, it is designed to help specialist contractors in all construction trades to manage their work on site in a way that enables them to avoid the pitfalls and traps that help main contractors to avoid paying their subbies.

It is important that no work is commenced on a project until all of the contractual paperwork has been created, the scope of work agreed, with the timescales and prices approved and signed by the contractor and specialist contractor.

It is also important that the contract is checked properly by the specialist contractor so that he is absolutely certain that the content of the contract of the contract accurately reflects the work upon which he is about to undertake.

‘Wise Up Wednesday’ – and of course, StreetwiseSubbie’s expert contractual consultancy services – is designed to give subcontractors all the tools they need to stay out of trouble during the course of a project.  And should you run into problems, then StreetwiseSubbie can help you resolve them in an efficient, cost-effective and timely way.

To register for your personal copy of ‘Wise Up Wednesday’ to be sent to your in-box each and every Wednesday, please email and ask to be added to the list. We know that it has helped hundreds of subcontractors, just like you, and it will help you too.

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