How To Get Paid Despite Coronavirus!

Earlier this month, the Cabinet Office issued a set of broad guidelines intended to head off a costly wave of contractual disputes in the wake of the Coronavirus.

On the same day, 7 May, the Construction Leadership Council issued dispute-resolution guidance for our sector in much the same vein, setting out quite detailed advice for those facing a looming dispute over obligations that – often quite justifiably – might not have been met over the past few weeks.

Also reported in Construction News is an extensive interview with Mace chief executive Mark Reynolds in which he provides some good advice of his own namely;

“It is easier to survive “if people treat each other properly”, whereas “if you’re just going to put the burden on your supply chain, it will collapse”.

Instead, he suggests, early dialogue is the best way to take the heat out of a dispute. “Deal with it upfront,” he advises. “If you know your project is going to be late, try and have an honest conversation with the client to tell them why and what you’re doing to try to overcome it.”

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Early Dialogue

It’s important to start the dialogue about getting paid as soon as possible. You don’t have to wait until the payment hasn’t been made. But, before you start that dialogue here is a useful checklist to get you on the right track;



• refamiliarise yourself with the exact procedures and contractual terms involved in the payment process

• find out who is responsible for dealing with your interim application

• make contact with the appointed person and discuss the process in more detail. (He, or she may be the most obnoxious person to deal with, but they are now your new best friend!)

• make sure you have provided the level of detail and substantiation required

• be certain about the dates by which applications must be submitted

• ensure the applications are/have been submitted by the required dates

Pursuing Payment

The sad fact of life is that Contractors tend to push nice guys to the back of the queue. So you must set up a systematic procedure for monitoring and pursuing payment.

In today’s coronavirus “work from home world”, this might raise new and different challenges, but persistence, tenacity and communication is key. And here’s a reminder of the steps to take;

  • establish and monitor the dates by which the Contractor’s notification should be received
  • chase immediately if an expected notification fails to arrive on the appropriate date
  • establish and monitor Final Dates for Payment (i.e. the last day by which payment should be made)
  • chase immediately if an expected payment fails to arrive on the appropriate date
  • consider giving notice of suspension if payment of the notified sum is overdue
  • investigate and interrogate all reasons for under-payment

Most important of all, don’t just sit and wait for things to get better, because (based on our 30 years of helping you guys get paid), they invariably won’t.

Instead, you should escalate all cases of unacceptable late or reduced payment.

In short: Don’t procrastinate – take action!

Getting Paid In A Coronavirus Climate Is a Team Game!

Obtaining full and timely payment is far more than just a credit control function.

In short, cash flow is everybody’s responsibility, not just the credit control clerk!

From time to time you are going to need external support, and the quicker you do that the quicker you will get paid. All you need to do is call our friendly helpline on 01773 712116 or email

We provide a free no-obligation initial advice service, so that you can get a very quick idea of what we can do to make sure you get paid.

Don’t Allow “Coronavirus” To Be The Latest Excuse For Non-payment

Don’t be put off from collecting what’s due to you or think it will take months or years and cost a fortune. Here are a few examples of how effectively we have got payment for our Clients;

  • Collected £5.5k for a paving contractor who had been trying for over 18 months – monies recovered within 3 weeks of our appointment
  • Electrical contractor recovered £170k in overdue payment within 7 days of our appointment
  • Groundwork contractor recovered £30k retention that was 2 years overdue – recovered within 2 months of our appointment
  • Within 3 days of our appointment we helped a tiling contractor recover £5k in retention that had been overdue for 4 years

In all cases recovery was very cost effective.

So, if you would like a free no obligation chat with one of our experts or need someone to take action on your behalf right now, then don’t delay, call our friendly Payment Helpline on 01773 712116 or email: for free, no-nonsense, down to earth advice!

And What About That Retention You Are Owed?

Most Specialist Contractors, Trade Contractors and Subcontractors are owed substantial sums in retention. Why wait to collect it when we can do that for you on a no win no fee basis?

That’s right, you get paid first and only then do you pay us!

It’s your money and it should be in your bank!

Call Our Friendly Team

Don’t let the coronavirus issues stop you getting paid.

Remember our team includes Specialist Quantity Surveyors and Construction Contracts Consultants, and we have the capability to resolve your problem quickly and cost effectively.

So, if you would like a free no obligation chat with one of our friendly experts or need someone to take action on your behalf right now, then don’t delay, call our friendly Payment Helpline on 01773 712116 or email: for free, no-nonsense, down to earth advice!

Take action now to protect your business, your team, and your family.

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