Wise Up Wednesday – Subbies Paid In Full

We’re ensuring subbies getting paid in full. Why be a pushover?

Welcome to this week’s Wise Up Wednesday, exclusively for Specialist Contractors.

It’s your weekly burst of useful information, sometimes hard hitting, but always quick to read and designed to help rather than hinder your progress to greater profits, and less stress.

So, how come I’m asking; “Why Be A Pushover?”

Quite simply because I want you to know that standing your ground against those who would otherwise treat you and your business as a pushover can and does pay dividends.

Subbies Getting Paid In Full. Four Examples From This Last Week Alone

    • Yesterday one of our Buddies met with the Employer to arrange to get him paid in full. The Contractor hadn’t paid him and two weeks ago instead of just suffering, we helped him suspend his works in accordance with the Act. Of course the Contractor had kicked off but we supported him to stand firm. – The Subby wasn’t a pushover!
    • Last Friday a template for non-payment of retention in accordance with the contract was provided to one of our Buddies and we helped them to complete it correctly and it was issued the same day. On Monday morning the payment arrived. – The Subby wasn’t a pushover!
    • Our Buddy had been telling the Contractor for the last 6 weeks that he wasn’t starting work until terms were agreed. On Friday, despite having done nothing about the contract, the Contractor sent an email that said; “let me make this very clear, unless you are on site on Monday and agree the terms of the contract thereafter we go to someone else”. Our Buddy”s response was “Go somewhere else then!” Over the weekend the Employer a well-known High Street chain, heard about the behaviour of the Contractor and it was made very clear that our Buddy was to be brought on board, an apology ensued and yesterday we negotiated all but 8 out of a possible 55 amendments. – The Subby wasn’t a pushover
    • When a well known London Contractor decided to set off 10% of the value of the contract our Buddy engaged us to deal with the matter. One letter and one phone call later and our Buddy will get paid this Friday! – The Subby wasn’t a pushover!

subbies getting paid in full

All these subbies are getting paid in full. So why be a pushover?

Why be a pushover when taking a different course of action provides so many other better alternatives?

You can play your part in bringing about change for the better, both in your own business and in the industry. And we are ready willing and able to help you with that.

So, whether it’s getting paid, agreeing terms, or finding better opportunities and people to work for, or helping you with over 40 other aspects of your business, please feel free to give us a call on 01773 712116 or send me an email here.

Please remember that we are here to help solve your problems, so if you’re not sure what to do or just want a second opinion, please call our friendly team on 01773 712116, or send me an email. And you could join these subbies getting paid in full.

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