Streetwise Consultants Are Helping Subbies Get Paid

The Construction Industry Is Tough, But It Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard!

When you have a main contractor doing everything it can to avoid paying your invoices, or threatening to pay you far less than the amount owed without good reason, then subbies like you now have somewhere to turn.

Helping Subbies Get Paid

“StreetwiseSubbie recovered an outstanding payment of £24,000 for my company in just two days.”

Every single day, we receive calls from subbies who are tearing their hair out.  They have tried every way possible to ensure they get paid what’s due to them, and they’ve failed.  Which is why they contact Streetwise.

Our job is to help them to solve their problem as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

When one particular subbie quoted above called us as he had £24,000 outstanding.  We talked about the problem and he sent us all the paperwork relating to the contract and the outstanding payment.

We then took it up with the contractor, and yes, when faced with hard facts, they paid up in 48 hours.

Another business that called us was owed £800.  Again, we managed to recover the money within a couple of days.

An extensive industry-wide piece of academic research we contributed to a couple of years ago said this:

  • Disputes – 55.9% of those surveyed said disputes “occur frequently”, with 37.75% saying that they “occur occasionally”.
  • Variations – The main causes of late payment are in connection with variations 54.23%.
  • Retentions – The biggest reason cited for not collecting retentions is that the Contractors make it almost impossible to collect (37.31%).  Almost 28% said that the business owing the retention becomes insolvent, making it impossible to collect.

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This is what subbies are up against.

Unfortunately, we have seen little change in the way the contractors manage their relationships with subbies. Which is why we are keen to solve your payment problems and recover the money that’s owed to them.  That’s what’s called trust.

All of the above are examples of how we have helped StreetwiseSubbie Gold or Platinum members.  However, there are lots of other StreetwiseSubbie Consultants all over the UK who are doing the same – helping subbies to get out of trouble and more often than not, helping them to get paid.

It’s All About Trust

What’s important is building trust and collaboration, and that is absolutely the number one driver for us.

When it involves payments, there is no longer any trust between the contractor and the subbie.  Which is why the subbie needs to know that there is someone ready and able to pick up the problem on their behalf.

And a good contractual expert is someone who is going to help you solve your problem.  That’s called trust.

The two businesses highlighted above are just two of hundreds that we have successfully recovered money for.

Yes, We Are Helping Subbies Get Paid

Over the ten years we have been helping subbies we have recovered millions of pounds for them.  And we can do it for you too.

For us, the compelling element of what we do every day is ensuring that the subbie gets the desired outcomes and that feeling of relief and satisfaction that the battle is over.  Until the next one.

What we are doing here is something that affects lives and this is often forgotten.  After all, we see us as allies in team that works within, rather than for your business, and meets your needs as a subbie.

If we can work together, continue to look towards the future and have better and better outcomes, then we have done our job.

To find out more, visit our Payments page.

There are lots of ways that StreetwiseSubbie is helping subbies like you.  Streetwise Tribe is a dedicated network for anyone in the construction or engineering industry who wants a hand with their bricks and mortar.  There’s something for you too –  go to the Tribe page now.

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