It’s Wise Up Wednesday: A Subby’s Guide To Not Get Screwed! Bookings Now Open

Bookings Now Open – 101 Things You Need To Know About Your Subcontracts

If you’re like most of the Specialist Contractors, Trade Contractors and Subcontractors we work with on a daily basis, you could be forgiven for thinking that the construction world is conspiring against you. And onerous terms and subby bashing only make the job more difficult and stressful.

And it’s only going to get worse!

If you think that it’s tough now, wait until the effects of the Brexit chaos and resultant slow down really start to hit. Not to mention the squeeze on cash flow that the VAT Reverse Charge is going to have on your business.

There Are Only 3 Things You Can Do About It

  1. You and your team need to get very, very smart very quickly
  2. Build a commercial and contractual fortress to withstand what’s coming
  3. You need help and support. You cannot do this on your own.

So, here’s how with our interactive workshop. Here are all the secrets that you need to reduce the risks, have a less stressful life and increase your profits?

Here’s how to get very, very smart very quickly and build that commercial and contractual fortress, with our interactive workshop.

At StreetwiseSubbie, we know that you guys are the backbone of UK construction and that from time you need a little help to navigate your way through the construction jungle.

We see the effects of poorly negotiated contracts every day and the devastating effects it can have on both business finances and business personnel. Don’t let it happen to you, come and ensure your business is protected.

If you have been to one of our seminars before you will know that we know our stuff, and this interactive workshop brings you even greater in-depth knowledge of all the the onerous terms you need to watch out for and all the tricks and dodges the Contractors use to make your life as difficult as possible.

This is another great step for you to take to protect your business and maximise your profits. And it’s interactive style is fun and thought provoking!

Here’s  a very small sample of what delegates have said about our previous seminars;

“A construction industry reality check with risk reducing, common sense advice” – Trevor Kirby, M.D @ Anglian Architectural

“Reassurance on how to deal with day to day issues. I would attend it again” – Sorin Ciotau, Commercial Manager @ BOK Constructing

Invest #1 Day Of Your Time – Reap The Rewards For Years To Come

Joining our #1 Day Interactive Workshop could be the best decision you’re going to make this year!

Throughout the day, you will discover the 101 things, that a lifetime of construction expertise and professional service to Specialist Contractors has taught us about the terms and conditions that will be used against you.

Plus, you will learn all the tricks and secrets you need to know, that will help you make sound commercial and contractual decisions and turn the tables on the Contractors.

Using actual contracts and their onerous terms this interactive #1-day workshop will reveal;

  • What you need to look out for
  • Where to find the onerous terms and how to deal with them
  • Avoid the absolute killer clauses
  • How to manage risks and protect yourself during the works
  • How to get paid on time and what you’re rightfully due

“Very enlightening. I would definitely recommend the course to others, well worth the day” Martin Atkins Director Skerritts Electrical

The workshop is packed full of useful hints tips and information, with a good mix of activities and presentations throughout the day, handouts and a course guide book are also provided.

The workshop facilitators have spent a lifetime in the construction industry and have reviewed and consulted on thousands of industry construction contracts and recovered £millions for Specialist Contractors.

You are guaranteed to come away with a lot of ideas of how to protect your business from the pitfalls of onerous contracts, how to turn the tables on the Contractors and make better profits into the bargain!

Supporting literature and handouts will be provided.

The cost of the course is £275 plus VAT but discounts apply for our Buddies and for bookings of multiple places.

Where and when?

  • Nottingham – Wednesday 8th May Village Hotel NG9 6DL
  • Manchester Hyde – Wednesday 5th June Village Hotel SK14 4QG
  • Leeds South – Wednesday 12th June Village Hotel LS27 0TS
  • w/c 17 June West Midlands Birmingham TBC
  • Further dates in the South TBC

For more information email us on or call our friendly team on 01773 712116.

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P.S. Please remember that we are here to provide solutions exclusively for Specialist Contractors, Trade Contractors and Subcontractors. If you want access to professional solutions that work, then please give us a call on 01773 712116, or email today.

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