Its Wise Up Wednesday! Enhancing Your Firm’s Credibility

We are already well into the fourth month of the year and we need to stay  focused on doing the right things in our business, because despite all the talk of growth, the future isn’t certain, and no-one truly knows what is around the corner.

hat’s why we have put together our Streetwise Wise Up Wednesday Guides to give you a quick burst of stuff that will help you in your business life.

Sometimes quirky, sometimes hard hitting, but always guaranteed to make you think and take no more than 2 minutes to read.

Enhance Your Firm’s Credibility!

Blogging may seem like the last thing most Specialist Contractors would consider doing to enhance their firm’s credibility, and back in the day, assuming that customers don’t read blogs might have been a fair assumption.

But, whilst that might once have been a fair assumption to make based on the stereotypical view of construction clientèle, it’s out-dated thinking and unless you ask them you can’t be sure whether they would or not.

Because, like it or not, blogs aren’t just for idle gossip.

Getting your name out there with creatively crafted useful information is one of the best ways to be picked up by a search engine, especially seen as Google has changed the way it searches (check out the Streetwise Blog for our article on Google’s new search and how to make it work for you).

So here are the main reasons why you can enhance your credibility by having your own blog:

It demonstrates your technical knowledge

In the construction industry, showing your worth in terms of skills and expertise is a priority, and I bet most of you say about your company in brochures, letters and on the web, describes you as ‘experts in your field’ or something similar!

But, before that prospective customer hires you, how do they know you have the technical knowledge or skills for the job? Anyone can SAY they know it all, but the proof is in the pudding.

So use your blog to show off your knowledge and skills by writing technical content to support your claims.

Post a series of blog posts on why you should design or install in a certain way and back this up with specific drawings and datasheets.

Gain feedback from designers and engineers on innovative new ways of designing for construction and post about it on your blog.

The possibilities are endless!

Prove You Are Market Leaders

The majority of companies claim to be market leaders in their industry, and there becomes a point where just saying it loses all meaning and emphasis. So make your company stand out as a true market leader by proving WHY you have earned the title.

Post blog posts about people you have helped and how.

Use in-depth case studies about how you solved specific issues for customers, ask clients for testimonials or reviews of your products and services which can be posted on the blog to show why they chose you over others in the industry.

Provide specific information to back up their claims of your products being the best on the market.

Don’t be afraid to interact with your audience and engage them through collaboration. Ask for their feedback on new services and products, as them to share their thoughts and ideas for new ones. This all helps show why your company stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Provide information and answers

There are people who take a keen interest and actively seek out all information on upcoming regulations and legislations that will have an impact on their industry, but there are also those who need to be informed.

You can please both of these types of people by writing an informative piece discussing the key points of a upcoming change and throwing in your company’s opinion on the change and how it will affect the industry.

Encourage people to comment and share their thoughts and opinions on the matter to engage the audience and get a conversation or debate going.

You can also encourage people to come to you with their questions, or run a regular Q+A piece where people can send you their issues and you can provide answers via your blog post for all to see.

Follow these easy tips, and in no time at all your credibility will have soared.

As always, I hope you enjoyed my Wise Up Wednesday blog post and that it gave you some food for thought, and if you need any help, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call.

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