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Here’s How To Achieve Success Using LinkedIn Groups

Whatever trade you specialise in, getting the right kind of enquiries, flowing into your business from the right kind of firms, is vital to that success.

As is developing proper business skills in all sorts of areas of your business.

So how can being in a LinkedIn Group help you with that?

** What Can a LinkedIn Group Do For Me? **

A LinkedIn Group introduces the opportunity to strengthen connections with like-minded individuals in an exclusive forum.

The Groups function provides a private space to interact with LinkedIn members that share common skills, experiences, industry affiliations, and goals.

Whether you like it or not being successful in business requires you to develop as broad a network of contacts as possible, and as broad a knowledge base as possible, and what better easier way to develop those contacts than from the comfort of your own home or office?

** Main Benefits of LinkedIn Groups **

Groups is one way (amongst others) to increase your reach, grow your network and create more leads for your business.

To do this you can;

Strengthen connections with individuals in an exclusive forum

Send members of the group direct messages

** A Great Way to Get In Touch and Keep Up To Speed **

Because in LinkedIn, by default, you cannot send messages to people you don’t know. But if you share a group, this option becomes available and presents a major benefit.

You can get in touch with people that you wouldn’t be able to approach otherwise. So whenever you see someone’s profile that’s of interest to you and you would like to get in touch with them, check if you have a group in common.

If you don’t, just join a group that the other user is part of so you can send a direct message. You can always leave the group again if it’s not of value to you.

** How to Really Benefit From Groups – And This one In Particular **

As a Specialist Contractor in the UK I reckon there is one group that is the most important group you can belong to.

A bold statement perhaps, but it is one group that is going from strength to strength.

As far as I know this group is the only one that is exclusively for Specialist Contractors in the UK, and has recently welcomed Peter Hodge of Ultimate Integrated Energy Services as its 2,000 th member!

Our free to join LinkedIn Group is here; LinkedIn Group

This has to be the biggest on-line forum in the UK exclusively dedicated to the success of Specialist Contractors, and it is a great place to;

  • Ask questions and get answers
  • Start relevant discussions
  • Find out which companies are worth working for and which aren’t!
  • Comment on discussions
  • Keep up to date on all the latest trends and best practice

So please come and join us today. If you are not on LinkedIn it’s really easy to do, but we will even set it up for you if you prefer. Simply give us a call on 017773 712116.

Our free to join LinkedIn Group is here; LinkedIn Group

If you are on Linkedin please help to spread the word by inviting every member of your team, and every other Specialist Contractor you know to come and join us.

You can send them a link or ask them to search in “Groups” for the Nationwide Alliance of Specialist Contractors and/or StreetwiseSubbie.

Let Us Help You Become Even More Successful

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If you are looking for free information please check out our main web site; HERE IS THE LINK!

StreetwiseSubbie’s Nationwide Network of Consultants are experts in helping you to deal with everything the harsh world of construction and engineering throws at Specialist Contractors. So if you would like a confidential chat please call us for initial free advice on 01773 712116.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Wise Up Wednesday, and if there is anything you would like us to cover please email me at

Once again thank you all for your support.​

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