Get Through This – And Make A Profit!

It’s Wise Up Wednesday and we want to make you all get through this, and make a profit!

Whatever we all think about the coronavirus pandemic, media, government etc., we want to help all Specialist Contractors, Trade Contractors and Subcontractors get through this and make a profit.

First And Foremost We Need To Get Through This

As you might expect we are seeing coronavirus problems manifesting themselves in dozens of different ways, but one thing is common to almost all of the situations. The Employer, the Contractor, the Consultants, all want to dump the problem onto the Subcontractors!

If that’s isn’t your experience, then that’s great, but if you are getting dumped on, what can you do about it?

make a profit

Taking Action To Protect Your Business And Make A Profit!

Please take the contractual side of things very seriously indeed and please do not think that this is going to be simple and straightforward, or that common sense and fair play will prevail…

The Cost Of Disruption Will Be Huge!

The cost of implementing new Covid 19 safe working practices will be huge! It will sneak up on you without you noticing as the labour costs spirals out of control.

So please think about how you are going to recover those costs.

Complaints of ‘disruption’ and additional costs are routinely made during the course of a construction project yet they remain notoriously difficult to prove.

One of the main reasons for this is that productivity losses are often difficult to identify and distinguish at the time they arise, as opposed to other claims such as an instruction to carry out a variation.

Disruption is loss of productivity, disturbance, hindrance or interruption to your normal working methods, resulting in lower efficiency. Disrupted work is work that is carried out less efficiently than it would have been, had it not been for the cause of the disruption.

As such, most claims for disruption are dealt with retrospectively and you are forced to rely on your contemporaneous records to try and establish your entitlement.

Please don’t let that happen to you. Please check out the free information on our we site about Delay and Disruption, and feel free to email our Helpline on or call us on 01773 712116.

And Collect The Money That Is Rightfully Yours! Make A Profit

No doubt your cash flow will be taking a bit of a battering! So now is a great time to focus on making sure you get your retention money back. And what better way than to get it collected professionally on a No Win No Fee basis?

Our professional Consultants understand how retention should work and the applicable law and we know all the dirty tricks that the Contractors use to hang on to your money, and most importantly how to get it back for you!

So, why delay? Call our Retention Hotline on 01773 712116 for details. Take the stress and hassle out of the process and use our expert team. Our specialist retention collections team take the hassle out of collecting retention owed to you and we will provide you with a proposal for a no collection no fee commission on retention cases where appropriate.

(Unfortunately we cannot offer a cost effective service for individual tradesmen where less than £5,000 is outstanding)

Get Paid On Time Challenge Spurious Set Offs

If you have a payment problem you are entitled to free down to earth advice that will help you to solve your problem fast!

Our Nationwide Team have vast experience in resolving construction related payment problems and are available to help you get paid as quickly as possible.
Included in our team are Quantity Surveyors, Construction Contracts Consultants and Specialist Construction Solicitors, so we have the capability to resolve your problem fast, whether it’s £10,000 or £100’s of thousands!

So, if the Contractor is not paying you, or not valuing your application or variations properly or is making a set off or contra charge against you, or payment is delayed, and you want to know if you can suspend the works, walk off site, adjudicate or arbitrate then call our friendly Helpline and speak to one of our experts on 01773 712116 today.

Make A Profit – Call Our Helpline Sooner Rather Than Later

Our friendly team are on hand to ensure that you get the help and support you need to get through this and make a profit. Call us on 01773 712116 , email or go to the website.

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