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We represent hundreds of subbies so we know that each problem/situation will be slightly different. That’s why we don’t have a ‘One Solution Fits All’ approach and when you call our friendly team they won’t pressure you with sales talk. Instead, they’ll listen to your problem and only then provide you with what they consider to be your best course of action. It might be to sign up with us, it might not. Remember, we’re firmly on your side, so we only provide objective advice that’s in your best interest. Please take a look at what’s available and then give us a call.

Membership Packages Tribe£33.33 per month
(plus VAT)
Silver Buddy£75.00 per month
(plus VAT)
Gold Buddy£150.00 per month
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Platinum Buddy£225.00 per month
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Membership of StreetwiseSubbie Tribe
Our Website has a comprehensive range of contractual and commercial information, that once you join as a member is FREE to access whenever you or your colleagues need. Whether it's understanding payment rights or what to do if you are delayed in your works, the StreetwiseSubbie knowledge portal can help.
Discounted consultant rates   Up to 10% discount Up to 20% discount Up to 30% discount
All of our consultants offer discounted rates for our members, the rate you pay for any chargeable works, will be dependant on your membership package.
2x resource manuals with regular updates  
The StreetwiseSubbie Resource Manuals are like Subbie's business bibles. Written by experts, the commercial and contractual manual will take you through every aspect of managing a construction project, while the Business Development manual provides insight in to how you can market your business better. When you join as a member you receive the first few sections of each manual and we will send you new sections monthly so you can build up your knowledge.
1 hour free consultancy time every month    
Each month as either a Gold or Platinum member, you are entitled to 2 x 1 hours of free consultancy. The hours are limited to 1 hour per consultant, so you might wish to use 1 hour towards getting a contract reviewed and 1 hour to discuss your social media strategy, whatever you need the hours are yours to use as you choose.
Free Topservice Credit Reference Account      
Platinum members can take advantage of a FREE Topservice Credit Reference account, their unique credit information and monitoring services will ensure that you minimise your exposure to bad debt to stay ahead of the game.
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Contract Checking Service
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Letter & Notices    
Standard Documents
Streetwise Leadership Club / Personal Development Programme      
The Streetwise Subbie Academy has been established to provide training and education to subcontracting business's who want to upskill their staff and future proof their business. Our programme of over 21 different subjects can be accessed through our Platinum membership.
Face to face induction session      
When you join as a Platinum member, one of our Commercial consultants can arrange to visit you at your office to discuss your business needs and requirements. They will then provide you with a comprehensive report on how StreetwiseSubbie and its partners can help and support you achieve your business goals.
Personal membership induction session      
When you join as a Gold member, one of our Commercial consultants can arrange to hold a telephone or Skype meeting with you at your office to discuss your business needs and requirements. They will then provide you with a comprehensive report on how StreetwiseSubbie and its partners can help and support you to achieve your business goals.
Free admission to StreetwiseSubbie events      
Streetwise regularly hold, seminars, conferences and training sessions up and down the country, as a Platinum member your entry to all events is free *subject to a minimum of 2 employees per event.
Discounted admission to Streetwise events    
Streetwise regularly hold, seminars, conferences and training sessions up and down the country, as a Gold and Silver member your entry to all events is discounted.
Monthly special offers    
Every Month StreetwiseSubbie offer our members special monthly offers, these have included Free retention collection, access to funding for ISO certification, and much more ...
Discounted Glenigan lead generation package  
"Glenigan is the most comprehensive online database available in the UK construction industry. As a StreetwiseSubbie member you can access a huge discount on their access all areas packages"
H&S direct discount    
" Health & Safety has never been so easy. HS Direct provide an online based H&S document creation service as well as provide help and support from H&S consultants who can provide you with detailed information on the rules and regulations set by the Health & Safety Executive, as a StreetwiseSubbie member you get a discount on an annual subscription"
Free insurance review    
Our Service Delivery Partners Russell Scanlan are Independent Insurance brokers (authorised and regulated by the FCA Financial Conduct Authority) They are also members of UNA, the UK’s leading alliance that understand the Construction Industry which enables them to provide a bespoke high standard of service. When you Join as a StreetwiseSubbie member, they offer a FREE review of all your business insurance policies, to ensure that you are getting the best cover for your unique business.
Free H&S review    
Our Service Delivery Partner CDM Expert Ltd are a health, safety, environmental and CDM Advisory consultancy offering the construction industry a 'one stop shop' with turnkey solutions for all company and site legal requirements under health, safety and environmental law. Their consultants are fully qualified and insured and will work with your business or CDM project for complete compliance delivery. When you join as a member of StreetwiseSubbie CDM Experts offer a Free Review of your H&S policies and procedures.
Free PQQ and BID process review    
Our Service Delivery Partner Silverlock help companies to win contracts by enabling them to produce strong bids and tenders. Their team of bid writers and procurement experts can work with you to increase your likelihood of success when bidding and also increase the quality of your tenders. When you join as a StreetwiseSubbie member you are entitled to a FREE consultation with a member of their team.
Access to StreetwiseSubbie closed Linkedin discussion group  
Our Linkedin Group is closed for a reason, we only allow Subcontractors to join, meaning our members can openly discuss, in a private forum problems with projects and clients alike with other subcontractors.
Free Subscription to Subcontracting Today magazine  
Our online magazine Subcontracting Today provides subcontractors across the UK with relevant construction news and insights, hints, tips and articles relevant to the world of subcontracting.
Free reports  
At StreetwiseSubbie we believe knowledge is power, so we regularly provide FREE reports to our members, that are full of useful and insightful information to help them be the best business that they can be.
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Construction’s a tough place to do business right now, and Specialist Contractors need all the help you can get. That’s why you will find our resources and expertise are invaluable, whatever the size of your business and whatever your specialisation. We’re here to help you solve all your business problems, including the crucially important contractual ones, such as getting paid.

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