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Our Service Delivery Partner Silverlock Tenders is a tender writing company that exists to help organisations win tenders and bids and also provides tender writing training.

Most people hate writing tenders, they put it off until the last few days, find the whole process stressful and confusing, and then end up losing. Not a good experience!

Over the last 8 years, Silverlock have grown to become one of the largest bid writing companies in the Midlands with a team of 17 writers and 2 procurement experts. Their approach is to focus on the following 3 key elements required to produce a strong bid:

  • Excellent writing
  • Excellent bid management
  • Excellent understanding of the buyer’s/funder’s mindset.

Their experience is that focusing on the above three aspects, and working in close partnership with the bidder who provides the material for us to use, significantly increases the likelihood of success. It also saves a massive amount of senior management time for the client, develops strong material for them to use in future bids and increases their skills and knowledge.

Tendering services

Silverlock can offer the following services to help you with tendering:Tender writing – where we draft the tender and manage the bid writing process on your behalfTendering Consultancy – where one of our Consultants will help you to understand the buyer’s requirements and use best practice when tendering.Bid Review Service – to provide you with objective feedback from a procurement expert on your draft tender and how to improve it.Tender Readiness Consultancy – where one of our Senior Consultants carries out a review of your current tender writing and management systems, and produces an action plan on how to improve them.Tender Editing Service – to help you improve the written quality of your tender.

Benefits of working with Silverlock

Silverlock work with a number of clients from many different industries in the UK.

Please see below some of the benefits they provide to their clients:

  • Increasing likelihood of winning bids/tenders
  • Submission of well-written, strong PQQs and tenders that are focused on what is important to the buyer
  • Freeing up staff time that would otherwise be required
  • Ability to take on the work at very short notice
  • Gaining new and improved skills/knowledge in bid writing and bid management
  • Developing well-written material for use in future bids
  • Reducing  stress associated with tender writing
  • Reducing time spent pursing bids that  are unlikely to be won
  • Raising the profile and credibility the organisation

If you would like to know more about Silverlock, Call: 01773 712116 or Email: info@streetwisesubbie.com



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