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Wise up Wednesday is a weekly publication written by Barry Ashmore, managing director of StreetwiseSubbie.com

Written for UK Specialist Contractors, every week it covers the matters that matter.

From getting paid, to advice on a wide range of commercial issues that affect Subbies daily, to helping you find more profitable business, you can read it here. In your weekly Wise up Wednesday.

Wise up Wednesday weekly email forall Specialist Contractors

Wise up Wednesday weekly email for all Specialist ContractorsDelivered by e-mail to a unique audience of Specialist Subcontractors, Wise up Wednesday is essential reading for more than 10,000 Subbies every week!

Here are just a few of the subjects that have appeared recently:

  • Time for change? – avoid delay and disruption on site
  • Construction dies while the worthies bicker – 73.65% of specialist Contractors’ contracts were subject to disputes in 2017
  • No pay don’t stay -suspend
  • Don’t be bullied – avoid the bully boy tactics employed by Contractors
  • Trade body failing on payment

Designed to help improve the lives of Specialist Contractors, Wise up Wednesday is hard-hitting. It gets straight to the point and provides punch when it’s needed on subjects others ignore!

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Wise up Wednesday – a series of short emails to help Specialist Subcontractors stay on top!

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