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It’s Wise Up Wednesday #2: Are Kier Really Going To Charge Subbies To Work For Them?

I have never sent two Wise Up Wednesdays on the same day, but when I read in Construction Enquirer that Kier intend to charge subbies to work for them i just had …

Wise Up Wednesday PS: Update On Carillion – Channel 4 10:30pm tonight

Update On Carillion – And Construction Dies While The Worthies Bicker! My Wise up Wednesday earlier today referred to Carillion and the thousands of businesses that have suffered as a result of their …

Wise Up Wednesday: Construction Dies While The Worthies Bicker!

Thousands of businesses have suffered, the banks have taken a massive hit, and even the general public sat up and took notice when Carillion went to the wall. Carillions demise not only …

Wise Up Wednesday: Construction in Crisis? BBC Radio 4

Construction in Crisis? File On 4: 8:00pm Tuesday 10 July 2018.   As a specialist contractor I would encourage you to tune in to this in depth programme on Radio 4 to …

9 Headlines That Show It’s Been a very Bad Year For Specialist Contractors

“System makes it too easy to shaft subcontractors” “Failed Cover Structure owes £9m to trade creditors” “Subbies left out of pocket as North West contractor goes under” “Angry subcontractors left with unpaid …

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Every Wednesday, Barry Ashmore, managing director of StreetwiseSubbie.com,  sends out his Wise up Wednesday e-mail to all our e-mail subscribers. Full of important information to help specialist contractors to keep on top …

It’s Wise Up Wednesday: And It’s Time your Voices Were Heard!

The failure of Carillion is still attracting the attention of the media, and that is the best opportunity in a very long time for Specialist Contractors to force change. But how can …

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