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The Little Book Of Crap Advice for Specialist Sub-Contractors!

If you are a Specialist Sub-Contractor in the construction and engineering industries then “The Little Book of Crap Advice for Specialist Sub-Contractors” is yours for free.

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Here’s what some of our Buddies have said about the LBOCA;

“Great book! Unfortunately full of all too familiar situations, glad it is not just us that suffers! This is required reading for all our estimators and operations department”

Kevin Weston Managing Director SureSet UK Ltd

“Very thought provoking. Very amusing, and so very true!”

Mike Grant Commercial Director Hurst Group (Northern) Ltd

“Funny and blunt insight into this crazy industry we all work in!”

Robert Millar Senior Estimator Systems Aluminium Ltd

“Made me chuckle and should drill the message home in a light hearted manner”

Paul Newton Commercial Manager M W Cripwell

“… after reading in your little book of crap advice your paragraph on providing a free pricing service for contractors who have no intention of ever using anyone but their favourite subbie (which would not be us by the way) I had my FD produce an in depth analysis of two year’s tenders and the latest one year’s orders and quickly worked out who was wasting my time and money (and lots of it by the way)

I immediately changed our policy on who we tender for and I expect to see a 10 – 20% reduction in workload for my estimators with the extra time being spent on tenders we have a chance of winning.”

Kevin Duffy Managing Director Grimwood and Dix Ltd

“…please send me 30 copies to give to our contracts management team. I have read it with great amusement and I must admit it certainly hits the right notes in a very funny but terribly truthful way. Best anti advice I’ve seen well done!!!”

Alan Chumley Managing Director Bracknell Roofing

“…I didn’t realise you could be so funny as the only time I have seen you laugh is when you submit your bill!!…

A True Story About A £500,000 Problem – yes I would concur with you on this one as we have been taken down this road in the past – but not again…”

Clive Bailey Director William Bailey

“I found it most amusing and often factual but there again I have been in this game over 50 years and one thing I have learned is always try and watch your back and the gentleman’s handshake died with the Pharoah”

Neil Telling Chairman Telling Finishings Ltd

Nothing To Smile About? 

Then You Could Do With Some Crap Advice!

As a specialist subcontractor there might not be too much to smile about in your business life right now, so you could probably do with some “crap advice” to cheer you up!

If you fancy a break from the troubles of the construction and engineering industries “The Little Book of Crap Advice For Specialist Sub-Contractors”  should help bring a smile to your face.

It’s a little gem of a book based on my 20 years experience as an electrical contractor plus 20 years in professional practice resolving disputes for subcontractors. As its name suggests it gives you some “crap advice” about contracting which, as one of my clients says, “…hits the right notes in a very funny but terribly truthful way!”

As an example the LBOCA offers this whacky advice about pricing variations

“When  pricing variations, always over measure the quantities. Contrary to their title, the Contractor’s Quantity Surveyors cannot count or measure and will never challenge your figures. 

Better still, conceal the fact you have over measured from your boss. You can be sure he will see the funny side when he employs expensive consultants to resolve your account and we are all subsequently embarrassed at the meeting with the Contractor when the truth comes out!”

So if you fancy a chuckle or you want to make a serious point to your team in a light-hearted way then the good news is you can get your copy for free!

If you are a Specialist Sub-Contractor in the construction and engineering industries then “The Little Book of Crap Advice for Specialist Sub-Contractors” is yours for free. All you have to do is register on the site (which is free and no obligation) and use the contact form to request a copy.

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