What Has EMCOR Pulling Out Of The UK Got To Do With You?

It is sad to see yet more jobs about to be lost lost in the UK construction industry, but unfortunately their involvement on a local publicly funded project is part of a bigger picture about which you should be concerned! 

The story of one publicly funded project is a perfect case study of everything that is wrong with UK construction at the moment;

1. Publicly funded Employer that doesn’t care what happens in the supply chain
2. Contractor enjoying the fruits of a very lucrative and fair contract with the Employer
3. Massive slice of work let to multinational “Rat Pack” Sub-Contractor
4. Rat Pack Sub-Contractor sub lets everything on onerous terms
5. Local Sub-Contractors suffer at the hands of Rat Pack Sub-Contractor
6. Local Sub-Contractor’s business put at risk by underpayment
7. Legal remedies difficult because of onerous terms
8. Government’s Mystery Shopper service takes no action – quote it’s a “disputed invoice”
9. Public body Employer takes no action – “its nothing to do with us”

Nett result: Public Funds (your money) finds it’s way not into the local economy, but onto the balance sheet of a big (in this case American) corporation. A corporation that has put nothing back, has now had enough and is shutting up shop, having taken our money!

If there was ever a time for the whole industry to wake up and come together as one then this is it.

I want to hear from all sides of the industry and the government, because EMCOR’s decision to pull out should send a massive shock wave around the industry. The industry is broken and it needs fixing!

This is an opportunity for all fair minded players in the industry to come together and genuinely set positive change in motion. Change that will benefit the whole industry, not just you and your organisation.

We need to take action before it’s too late! If yo are old enough you will remember when we had a mining industry, a car industry, a shipbuilding industry, do you want construction to go the same way?

If you want to help please get in touch at barry@streetwisesubbie.com or post your thoughts below.

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Thanks and best wishes


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