What Should Peter Hansford And His “advisory council” Be Expected To Deliver?

Whilst aspirational talk of cost saving, innovation, BIM, and low carbon construction is all well and good, is it what the industry desperately needs right now?

The view from the industry’s front-line is that ideas from the centre such as BIM will not succeed without some specific changes to how the industry is currently operating.

We have had literally hundreds of constructive responses from Specialist Contractors in our recent surveys, but what this research has also revealed is a deep rooted institutional blame culture, spurious claims, corporate greed, and endemic late or non-payment.

The industry has never been in a worse state, and one of the UK economy’s biggest drivers is being dismantled piece by piece as a result of appalling practices and cultural apathy.

I wish Peter well with his new advisory board as he seeks to address the industry’s next decade, and I trust that it will include well informed representation from the specialist contracting community, as it is this community that actually delivers the work on site!

Specialist Contractors are passionate about the industry that they have committed their working lives to, and I believe they have constructive proposals to bring to the table.

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