Wise Up Wednesday: Don’t Be Scared Of The GDPR… (Part 2)

This week’s Wise Up Wednesday is Part Two. So if you didn’t see Part One drop us a line at info@streetwisesubbie.com and we will send it to you.

As I said last week, you will have surely heard about GDPR and how it will affect businesses and their marketing.

And you might have been fed a lot of BS about it too!

Don’t Be Scared of GDPR

In last week’s Wise Up Wednesday I highlighted some of the myths surrounding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), to help you make sense of the new regulations that come in to force on 25th May 2018.

Whilst GDPR covers both personal and business data, one significant difference between the two is in Business to Business (B2B) marketing, chiefly how you use business data for marketing purposes.

To recap on the salient points of last week’s e-mail:

  • You don’t have to wait until 25th May 2018 to source or use marketing data
  • You do not need to gain consent for business marketing as this area is covered by a separate Act, the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR). Please bear in mind my point about the TPS and CTPS under which businesses can opt out of receiving telephone sales calls
  • You do not need to gain consent for email marketing if you are emailing a corporate business. In a B2B environment, there is an exemption under PECR for employees of “corporates” and
  • You can use legitimate interests to send a marketing email to these individuals without their prior consent.

Now we’ve sorted these common misconceptions, let’s take a look at how you can use data for positive marketing results post GDPR.

  1. How do you set about getting the right data?

Quality data should be at the heart of any personalised B2B marketing and sales activity. If it isn’t, then then you will struggle to create marketing campaigns that generate quality leads.

It makes logical sense. Good data = good conversions = good leads.

And with expert follow up, you can turn those leads into Enquiries and in turn, your Tenders become Orders!

We have experience of how successful this can be as we have managed list building, e-mailing and telephone calling to find, e-mail and follow up tailored leads and turn them into Orders for StreetwiseSubbie Buddies.

  1. We can help you to access the largest and most detailed business database in the UK

At StreetwiseSubbie our business development Consultants work with some of the country’s leading data providers and can source quality B2B lists for more than four million UK decision makers.

Data is usually available to hire on a single-use basis, to lease over 12 months or to buy outright. The minimum volume you can obtain can be as low as 1,000 records, so data marketing is financially viable for any subcontracting business.

  1. Marketing lists tailored to your needs

Our Consultants and data owners can also help you to build bespoke B2B marketing lists using an impressive range of targeting criteria, which might include detailed market sectors, business size, geography, the job role or job title of a key decision maker.

You can also take only the data that has personal e-mail addresses if you wish.

And importantly, you can rest assured that all the data is compliant with the latest standards – including GDPR!

It’s easy to provide you with a count for potential customers in your particular market sectors and geographical area should you so wish.

  1. Expert consultant support

StreetwiseSubbie can help you to plan, profile, analyse, target, and deliver campaigns to your customers and prospects in thousands of markets.

Wherever your potential customers are, you can use postal marketing, e-mail marketing or telesales campaigns to reach and influence them. And very often, a combination of all three will deliver very cost-effective results and return on investment.

Whether you use our service or someone else, please ensure you get the quality advice, support and marketing campaign planning, you need.

  1. Let’s help you to get it right

We know that most subbies do not like sales and marketing, and although they would like better enquiries, they are not too sure how to get them.

So, to ensure that you get the most out of your new business and sales lead marketing activity, you can have a planned programme of data sourcing, e-mailing and telephone follow up campaigns all done for you. And there’s no doubt that carried out efficiently, this will pay dividends.

Finding new customers is not something that happens overnight but has to be worked at. Which is why I am taking this opportunity to remind you how good marketing campaigns using quality data can help you to grow your business.

Need Some More Advice?

So there you have it. A common-sense approach to GDPR, which with the right assistance and application of the right principles at the appropriate time, you can even use your competitor’s fear of GDPR to your advantage, by getting smarter at marketing. Especially email marketing.

Without the right support and advice you could be wasting a lot of money or missing out on really great opportunities.

I have been assisting Specialist Contractors just like you, for the last 28 years, and Streetwisesubbie.com and our Consultants have been providing services to improve the lives of our Buddies (members) for the last 10 years. We have some really clever tricks up our sleeve on marketing, so why not come and talk to us?

We are pretty confident that we can help you, so please feel free to call any time. Initial advice is free, subject to you meeting certain criteria.

Thanks and best regards



P.S. Please remember that we are here to provide solutions exclusively for Subcontractors. If you want access to professional solutions that work, then please give us a call on 01773 712116, or email info@streetwisesubbie.com today.

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