Wise Up Wednesday: It’s Too Late…

It’s Too Late…

Those very words can make your heart sink, because being “Too Late” can be horrendous.

The one that always gets to me, for very personal reasons, is a line from the Mike And The Mechanics song In The Living Years;

“It’s too late when we die,

To admit we don’t see eye to eye…”

So, it’s too late…

It’s too late – to think about fastening your seat belt if you haven’t done so and you’re just about to pile into the back of a truck at 70 mph!

It’s too late to insist your child wears a cycling helmet when you are rushing to the hospital…

Yes these are horrendous emotive examples, but business can be very emotive and very personal, even if some people try and be all macho and say it’s just business.

It’s too late for my Client who has just lost his business after 42 years! How do you think he feels about that right now?

As A Subcontractor Being Too Late Is Not An Option

It’s too late to wish you had read the contract when the Contractor is not paying you…

It’s too late when you’re on stop with all your suppliers…

It’s too late when the bank is calling in the receiver…

Because 99% of contractual problems end up with you not getting paid, and not getting paid has cost literally thousands of construction Subbies their business in the last 12 months!

And 90% of the time you could have protected your profits and your business by the simple expedient of…

Understanding the contract!

So How Easy Is It To Understand?

As an ex Specialist Contractor turned professionally qualified consultant I have been fixing subcontractors problems cost effectively for the last 28 years! And I can guarantee you that understanding the contract is the best way to protect your interests.

So here is great way in which we can help you to protect your business;

Come  and discover the “The Secret Keys To Minimise Risk and Maximise Profit” that we have been putting into practice on behalf of Specialist Subcontractors for the last 27 years.

And they’re are being revealed at “A Subbies Guide to Not Getting Screwed”  and it’s NOT TOO LATE to book your places;

“A Subbies Guide To Not Getting Screwed”

“101 Things You Need To Know About Subcontracts”

WHEN/WHERE IS IT? The dates and fast access venues are as follows;

  • Nottingham – Wednesday 8th May Village Hotel NG9 6DL
  • Manchester Hyde – Wednesday 5th June Village Hotel SK14 4QG
  • Leeds South – Wednesday 12th June Village Hotel LS27 0TS
  • Solihull West Mids – Wednesday 19th June Village Hotel B90 4JG

WHAT DOES IT COVER? We will be unlocking the Secrets To Getting Paid on time every time in a straightforward down to earth easy to follow style using real life examples. It is designed to give a detailed grounding in 101 of the essential elements of subcontract law and procedures, with emphasis on the JCT subcontracts.

The practical aspects of how contracts are formed and how to understand and use the key provisions of the contract to get paid properly are all explained.


Here’s what your fellow Subcontractors said about our last event;

“Very professional, pleasant presentation delivered in an exceptional manner. Many thanks!” – Steve Hickling, Commercial Manager @ AES Ltd

“Eye-opening” – Kyle Garland, Assistant Management Accountant @ Multitech Site Services

“Concise, insightful and most importantly understandable” – Alistair Wallace, Construction Director @ Ground Control

“Whether you have lots of experience of JCT contracts, or next to none, you will benefit from the Streetwise Seminar” – Christopher Smith, Senior Commercial Assistant @ DBD Distribution

“I definitely think attending is beneficial for all areas of  business, for a better understanding across the board” – Jo Rumbelow, Contract Account manager @ Multitech Site Services

“Bitesize snippets of extremely useful information. Laid out in an understandable way. Highly recommend to others” – Paul Condon, Director @ Aimbec Carpentry Ltd

“Eye opening and very helpful, thorough and rewarding” – Gavin Pettifer, Operations Director @ Loughton Contracts

“A construction industry reality check with risk reducing, common sense advice” – Trevor Kirby, M.D @ Anglian Architectural

“Very informative, concise and to the point without any unrequired waffle” – Julian Crane, Director @ VBS Ltd

“Very informative and useful. Will recommend to others within the industry” – Richard Coombes, A.C Solutions Group

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? This is exclusively for Specialist Contractors and is designed specifically to provide a broad appeal for Specialist Contractors staff who work with contracts; which includes; Estimators, Contracts Managers; Project Managers; Commercial Managers, Quantity Surveyors, Credit Controllers and Directors.

WHAT WILL WE GET OUT OF IT? The Secrets To Getting Paid! Specialist Contractors don’t get paid because they don’t understand the contract or don’t apply it when they should. We will reveal all you need to know to enable you to understand the fundamentals of those subcontracts, and how to get paid.

WHAT DOES IT COST? If you book now you receive preferential discounts and rates – but be quick to ensure you receive your Early Booking Discount!

Book within the next few days and instead of paying £270, you can pay just £225.00 saving you 17% off the standard price.

Book two or more places and you can pay just £200 each saving you 25% off the standard price.

And of course our Gold Buddies receive further discounts.

All rates are subject to VAT

Please contact Tanya directly on 01773 712116 or tanya@streetwisesubbie.com to confirm your places.

Best regards



P.S. Please remember that we are here to provide solutions exclusively for Subcontractors. If you’re not sure what to do or just want a second opinion, then this is for you. Please give us a call on 01773 712116, or email info@streetwisesubbie.com today.

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