Wise Up Wednesday: What is “Prosperous” anyway?

This is the first Wise Up Wednesday of the year so let me start by wishing you, your family and your team a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

Whilst Happiness and Prosperity are most definitely NOT inextricably linked, being Prosperous does tend to make life easier when problems inevitably arise.

But what is “Prosperous” anyway?

Good old Google says; “successful in material terms; flourishing financially” and also serves up the following synonyms; “thriving, doing well, prospering, buoyant, expanding, flourishing, successful, strong, vigorous, productive, profitable”.

I’m sure most Specialist Contractors would find something there to describe what you want for your business in 2019, and there are some great adjectives there to describe what we are planning to achieve here at Streetwise!

Achieving Prosperity In 2019

Don’t Ignore Risk

Now I know that I am always banging on about the things that you would rather not think about, such as risk, and contracts and issuing notices etc. But,please trust me when I say that; long term prosperity, and success does NOT result from ignoring risk or consistently failing to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done.

If you think otherwise please check out the very long list of experienced and seemingly “successful” Specialist Contractors who have gone to the wall in the last few years!

So, first things first, please don’t allow your heart to rule your head by thinking that there is any kind of shortcut to prosperity, or that you can ignore the downside.

Take Full Advantage Of Opportunity

The fact of the matter is that the industry and most Main Contractors are in a mess. There are lots of reasons why this is the case, but most Specialist Contractors I talk to accept that as a fact.

You can turn that into an opportunity to achieve prosperity rather than allowing it to be a threat to your prosperity.

By doing the right things at the right time you can;

  • secure better more profitable enquiries
  • negotiate the best deal for you
  • maximise your return from variations and extra works
  • get paid properly and on time

Take Positive Action

Here are a few thoughts about taking the kind of positive action that will ensure your prosperity and success in 2019.

  1. Never stop aiming big, even when everything around you is trying to keep you small, but don’t be reckless
  2. Defy norms. When you see every other Specialist Contractor doing the same thing, and getting nowhere – do something else!
  3. Remember, as a business owner/director, you can’t necessarily be good at everything – ensure you have the right support available.
  4. Take your biggest failures of 2018, learn at least one profound lesson from each of them and thank the universe that you’re one of the lucky ones who learns the lessons fast.
  5. Take your biggest success of 2018, ask yourself what you did to achieve it – and figure out how you can spend ten times more time on those types of activity in 2019.
  6. You’ve chosen to be in this business, so you owe it to your family to do everything possible to accelerate your journey to Prosperity in the year ahead.
  7. Take a look around (our web site is a good place to start), and see what resources are out there to help you achieve prosperity in 2019.

Come And See How We Can Help You Achieve Prosperity

I sincerely hope that you have a Happy and Prosperous New Year, and that we can play a part in helping you to achieve that. So, please come and talk to us.

As the UK’s #1 Solutions Provider for Specialist Contractors our resources and expertise are at your fingertips;

# Convenient

# Time Saving

# Immediate easy access

# Quicker answers

# Cost effective advice and support

# Reliable

# Friendly

We’re here to provide good honest no-nonsense advice and support, so please don’t hesitate to call our friendly team on 01773 712116 or email us at info@streetwisesubbie.com.

We look forward to keeping you up to date and helping you to achieve Prosperity in 2019.

Best regards


P.S. Please remember that our team are steeped in construction and Specialist Contracting. We understand your business, and all our expertise and experience is at your fingertips.

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