#WiseUpWednesday: Run Across The Road For Me Would You?

If I asked you to run across the road for me, would you?

Your mind might immediately fire off any number of questions;


Which road?


What’s in it for me?

It’s Hypothetical – Please Humour Me I Will Explain

To start with let’s say that the reason I want you to run across the road for me is that I can’t do it myself. It doesn’t matter why I can’t. Just accept that I can’t.

And anyway it’s actually something you are very capable of doing.

So which road, and what’s in it for you?

A Safe Way To Earn £1,500

So, here’s the deal. It’s a quiet stretch of road, so quiet in fact it’s the UK’s quietest, it’s the A897 in the Scottish Highlands.

And if you do that for me I will reward you with £1,500.

“Yeah, count me in, I can do that for you, no problem. It’s going to cost me a few quid to do it, but a great return.” I hear you say.

Ok, great stuff, deal done, task completed and profit earned.

Would You Like Another Go – It’s £3,000 This Time…

That’s right it’s a mate of mine who wants you to run across the road for him.

Bigger reward of course, and it’s just running across the road again.

It’s a bigger reward because it’s the M1, and it is at peak time, but it’s just running across the road again. You’re good at that right?

“OK, I reckon I can do that no bother”, I hear you reply.

Oh, one small point, my mate does things a little bit differently. It is the M1 after all…

You will just need to wear ear defenders OK?

“Yeah OK if you say so.”

And a blindfold, but it is three grand after all…

Still Interested?

If you are still interested at this point, you are much braver than me.

But, in all probability, you are going to say; “no count me out taking that amount of risk is just nuts.”

The risk is real. You can see what’s likely to happen, and you know it’s just not worth it.

Let’s Come Back To Reality

Let’s substitute the “M1” for that bigger more prestigious job, and “my mate” for an unscrupulous Contractor.

And the “ear defenders” and the “blindfold”?

They are his terms and conditions. it’s not as obvious as ear defenders and a blindfold. But, the risks are just as real…

You see the Contractor is trying to transfer as much responsibility and risk as he can onto you. He will stitch you up financially. He doesn’t care if you get hurt.


You should not simply accept the Contractor’s terms and conditions!

Remember It’s A Process


Whatever else you do please remember that agreeing the contract is a process. It’s not just about getting the order and starting the work without giving it a second thought.

Next time you find yourself in line for a big job, just think;

M1 – ear defenders – blindfold.


There may be times when you have to take a commercial decision to accept onerous terms and conditions of contract.  But, if you do, you need to be very clear about the risks you are running.


I hope you enjoyed this week’s Wise Up Wednesday.


If you are in any doubt about how to manage this process, or whether or not the terms and conditions are onerous, you need to take professional advice and StreetwiseSubbie’s Nationwide Network of Consultants are experts in helping you to deal with such matters.

If you need help, you can call us or email us and there is no charge for initial advice. You can email info@streetwisesubbie.com or call on 01773 712116.


Once again thank you all for your support.

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