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Success in the construction and engineering industries requires an understanding and appreciation of all things commercial and contractual.

For starters, many parties are involved: Employers (those who “buy” the construction works), the Contractors (ordinarily those in charge of the works who contract directly with the Employer), the Specialist Contractors (those to whom certain parts of the works will be subcontracted), the professional Consultants (the Architects, Quantity Surveyors and other Consultants such as Structural, Mechanical , Electrical etc.), the manufacturers and suppliers (the source of materials and equipment).

And irrespective of the type of building, or processing or manufacturing plant to be delivered, there are a wide range of areas to be covered including: design, engineering, management, construction, financial control, warranties and guarantees.

Setting out where you are and what you have to do in this complex chain is absolutely essential so there can be no confusion throughout the process and there are clear routes to resolving any potential conflict.

Your Streetwisesubbie Tribe membership gives you access to a wealth of detailed information that will help you to come to terms with all of the commercial and contractual issues with which you will be faced. And, if you need our further help and assistance, you can easily access our Consultants with or without upgrading your membership.

But, if you do want to upgrade it’s quick and easy, and as a Silver, Gold or Platinum Buddy you benefit from discounted rates, and as a Gold or Platinum Buddy your first hour each month is free!

So, if you need help with any commercial or contractual issue please call us on 01773 712116. You will NOT be charged for your intial call to us, or unless and until you decide to appoint one of our expert Construction Consultants.

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Construction’s a tough place to do business right now, and Specialist Contractors need all the help you can get. That’s why you will find our resources and expertise are invaluable, whatever the size of your business and whatever your specialisation. We’re here to help you solve all your business problems, including the crucially important contractual ones, such as getting paid.

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