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    Contractor Not Paying Subcontractor?

    The Main Contractor not paying their Subcontractors properly is an all too familiar occurrence.

    What Can Specialist Contractors Do To Get Paid On Time?

    First things first download a copy of our Contractual Toolkit, which will help you to:

    • Know the dates your payments are due and make your client aware that you know
    • Make sure that all applications are in on time and comply with the contract
    • Contact the Contractor before the payment is due to make certain it will be paid on the correct date
    • Make sure that the Contractor knows that if payment is late, you will suspend your works

    Suspending the works is a powerful incentive to your client to put you at the top of the list when it comes to making payment. Used properly, and in accordance with the contract, it is your best solution to prevent late payment.

    Here's What You Will Find Inside Your Free Contractual Toolkit

    Chapter 1 -  Enquiry and Tender

    Chapter 2 - Pre-Contract Negotiations

    Chapter 3 -  The Final Agreement

    Chapter 4 -  Along the Way

    Chapter 5 -  Your Works Aren’t Finished Until You Are Properly Finished!

    Chapter 6 -  The Final Account

    Chapter 7 - Resolving Problems

    “If you always do what you have always done. You will always get what you have always got!” 

    Consider this;

    When you got into whatever Specialist Contracting business you are in now who did you learn from about...

    Commercial and Contractual matters?

    Probably from other people in the same firm as you, and then as you moved around the industry from people in other Specialist Sub-Contracting businesses.

    So, everyone learnt from everyone else about how to be a Specialist Contractor Well guess what; that’s why Specialist Contractors...

    • Work hard for every penny
    • Get abused by Contractors and the so called “professionals”
    • Take all the risks, incur all the costs
    • Make poor or non-existent profits!

    In other words, if you carry on doing what you, and most of your competitors have always done, you will carry on getting what you have always got!

    So why not change all that for the better and try something new? 

    Following the advice in this manual is a great way to improve your profitability by winning better work, getting paid easier, and making more money.

    We have spent our lives in the Construction Industry, we understand it, and we know what works and what doesn’t. Which means that you can rest assured that whatever support you need we will provide it quickly and cost effectively, starting with this FREE Contractual Toolkit.

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