Amazing – We Are Celebrating The “1,300th” Member of the UK’s Nationwide Alliance of Specialist Contractors in Construction and Engineering!

It gives me great pleasure to welcome Martin Dempster-Jones Area Sales Manager at Thermo-Floor Ltd as our 1,300th member. 

And the group has grown by 100 members in a single month! Here’s the link; 

With hundreds of owners, directors and senior team members, this group is rapidly becoming a fantastic focal point for all UK Specialist Contractors who are serious about growing and protecting their business in 2013, irrespective of their size or specialisation. 

Here’s a sample of the current discussion topics;

“Is there a correlation between size/turnover of Contractors and their unwillingness to pay?”

“Are you implementing the no retention policy?”

“Contractors drive down supply chain costs and their profits soar!”

These and many more great discussions, news, information and market intelligence are waiting for you in this group. So, please help us to spread the good word and see how quickly we can add our next 100 members!

Please invite all your UK based Specialist Contractor colleagues both inside and outside your company to join this group.

Here’s the link;

And now you can also keep up to date on all things Streetwise on our blog! You can find it here;

And if you would like more information about any of the above, or the great ways in which we can help your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or check out our web site at


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