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Lead Pro! Helps You Get The Leads You Really Want Rather Than The Ones You Don’t!

StreetwiseSubbie’s new and exciting proposition brought to you in association with our Service Delivery Partner Glenigan.

Lead Pro! gets you enquiries for the projects most suited to your business and in the locations, you want to work.

Finding new leads and opportunities can tie up your resources and be a frustrating task. Some Specialist Contractors simply leave it to the hand of fate to bring in new business, whilst others have to endure repeat business from firms that treat them badly!

Why Let Someone Else Decide? – Take Control Today 

Streetwise have put together a unique offering for our members, that will generate regular quality enquiries for your business. Bringing you the leads you really want rather then the ones you don’t.

Lead Pro! combines high quality information with regular research and telephone calling to leads/specifiers identified in the data, to help our members find good quality, want to win sales opportunities.

Having good quality information is important, but that information must be managed effectively and follow up has to be thorough, in order to turn leads into enquiries and profit-making orders.

Why Choose Lead Pro!

It is an easy to use, easily affordable opportunity for you to get exactly the leads you choose:

  • We find and manage the leads and turn them into the enquiries you need to sustain and improve your profits
  • Stops you wasting time on enquiries that aren’t exactly right for you
  • Identify the type, size and value of projects you want to work on
  • Select the geographical area you want to work in, from one county to the whole of the UK
  • Targeted leads when and where it best suits you
  • Customer contact details you need for the projects you want to work on
  • Access to specifiers on the projects you want 

How it works

As a StreetwiseSubbie Gold Buddy, you are entitled to a preferential rate for access to the Lead Pro! Service that we are able to offer because of our special relationship with our Service Delivery Partner Glenigan.

  1. Our Members purchase a full access licence to Glenigan through Streetwisesubbie for a twelve-month period at a vastly reduced rate.
  1. An initial profiling session with a Streetwisesubbie Consultant gets your account set up. In this session we demonstrate how the system works and get an understanding of what type of customers you want to work for, what types of work are most profitable, where you want the work to be and what value projects you want to win.
  1. Once we have completed your profiling, StreetwiseSubbie will then extract data based on the information we have identified and supply this to you on a weekly basis. Over time, this will build a bank of information for continued telephone calling and follow up.
  1. You approve the data selections, removing any businesses you already deal with or are in contact with, before calling commences.
  1. The service is based on a minimum of two days per month, which can be split over four half days if you prefer. And you can purchase more days if you wish.
  1. Once the agreed call programme commences. We telephone the agreed leads to introduce you, with the objective of securing the relevant tender opportunities.
  1. Any inbound telephone calls received by us are always taken, regardless of whether it is a scheduled ‘call day’ or not.
  1. A Call Log will be provided after each day session. This is recorded against the original data, so that you can see new and historical information relating to calls.

 For Enquiries About Lead Pro!

Please contact our friendly team directly on 01773 712116 or email


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