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Our Service Delivery Partner, Top Service are The Only Credit Reference Agency For The Construction Industry

For over 25 years Top Service have helped thousands of traders in the construction industry avoid problem payers and reduce their bad debt.

Most credit reference agencies provide ‘run of the mill’ credit reports which contain information from Companies House and the Courts.  The problem is that this information is very often out of date, sometimes as much as two years out of date.  On its own it can be misleading as a lot can change in two years, particularly in the construction industry.  This is why, in addition to the usual ‘run of the mill’ credit information Top service also provide up-to-date trading experiences which are sourced from 2,500 subscribers.  These detailed trading experiences allow you to make informed credit decisions based on current data and not old data.  They also have an in-depth knowledge of the construction industry because they specialise in this field.

The construction sector is like no other.  Customers are more mobile, fraud is more prevalent, phoenix companies are an every day occurrence, debtors abscond more frequently and equipment regularly disappears.  with 2,500 subscribers, all of whom supply goods or services to the construction industry.  They collect ‘trader to trader’ information in whatever format is easiest for each individual subscriber.  Some subscribers complete an online form while others email  lists in varying formats. The remainder of thier information, such as suggested credit limits are sourced from a large reputable agency, ICC, who in turn collect much of their information from Companies House and the Courts.

All Streetwisesubbie members can benefit from access to Top Service and their unique and invaluable credit information.

Our Platinum members receive full access to Top Service as a benefit of the membership

For more information on the full features and benefits of a Top Service account give us a call on: 01773 712116 or email:

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