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Written by StreetwiseSubbie founder and  MD Barry Ashmore, The Streetwisesubbie 4th edition is a great new rework of the original book “The Streetwise Subbie” by Jack Russell.  Barry brings Jack’s original work bang up to date with help and advice on how to tackle the modern day world of subcontracting in the construction Industry.

One of Jack’s colleagues had this to say about the book:

“I worked with John (Jack) for a good number of years. He was a good friend and mentor to me. I’m so glad so see his work continued and continued so well…even to the point where my trainees on university course are being recommended to the book.

I hope he would be proud of how you have kept it alive.

Well done.”

Ian Fielden

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If you want proof of just how useful it is for all Specialist Contractors, Trade Contractors and Subcontractors here is a selection of the reviews on Amazon, but don’t buy it there, because you will get 25% off with the Special Discount Code you will get by scrolling down the page and entering a few details:

Papa T “Definitely worth a read – If you work in Construction – especially as a Sub- Contractor then this book is definitely worth a read. Barry Ashmore has a practical no nonsense approach and highlights many of the stunts that can unfortunately still get pulled by unscrupulous companies on small sub-contractors. It contains advice and tips on what to avoid and how to deal with different situations.

The purchase price is likely to be refunded many times in just avoiding basic problems ! I think this is a book I will also use as a reference tool in the future.

GK “Essential for all Specialist Contractors – If you are a Sub-Contractor working in the construction industry you really need to read this book. Lots of useful advice and tips to help you deal with the many situations that arise daily. Barry and his team certainly know the industry inside and out.

I doubt there is a situation they have not come across that they could help you with, from dealing with difficult Contractors to helping you understanding contracts, this book is full of useful tips and advice.”

David Lee, Eviva Electrical Services “A must read to educate yourself on how some Main Contractors operate in disputing payments.

This updated version of Streetwise Subbie is consistent and relevant to the current changes and issues within construction industry at this time with ever more demanding and onerous risk put onto specialist contractors. The book is well written from with the experience of a company that is dealing with the daily issues of contracting. really worth your time to educate yourself with this information.”

Amazon Customer “Excellent book essential for all Specialist Contractors employed in the Construction Industry. Simple and concise it gives clear meaning and direction to the contractual pitfalls specialists face on a daily basis. I was so impressed I have purchased a copy for every individual in my business responsible for Commercial or Operational facets. Money well spent!”

Steve, Stone Central Essential information to help you deal with aggressive Main Contractors and to help protect you from a long list of ways that can be used to reduce your account.

Streetwise Subbie also have a support organisation which we are part of and they have saved us thousands of pounds over the last few years!”

Subcon1 ” If you are a subcontractor, you need to read this book!

Don’t let unscrupulous main contractors take advantage of you! The Streetwise Subbie is a practical guide to dealing with the many different situations that can crop up when working for a main contractor, contains hints and tips and above all, is easy to read. Following some of the advice in this book could save you a lot of money! 

Matthew Telling “Every subcontractor should have one.

Barry again communicates well the pitfalls for all us trusting subcontractors who dare to believe that a contract is a two way street when problems occur.”

Steelandsite “Highly recommended read for all subbies.

No-nonsense information for Subbies. Barry seriously knows his stuff and how to deal with Main Contractors and contracts. 

Phil “Every sub contractor needs this book! Amazingly useful!”

Paul Smyth A must-read for all sub-contractors in the construction industry.

Great source of information that will help subbies become Streetwise!”

I. O’Shea “Knowledge is Power – Always informative, well worth a read”

Pally “Informative and detailed book.

Lots of information, text is broken down by flow charts and pictures. Engaging and supports sub-contractors.”

Aimbec Carpentry Ltd “Essential reading – Fantastic book packed full of information no subbie should be without.”

Amazon Customer “A must read and an essential guide for sub-contractors working in the construction industry, it gives practical advice and helpful tips when dealing with a Main Contractor and your contract with them.”

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