Are you sick of the state of the UK construction industry? Have your say and help us change it all!

Are you sick of the state of the UK construction industry?

Do you feel helpless, frustrated and even angry about the kind of unfair treatment you’re getting from certain main contractors and clients you are working with?

The industry has been bumping along the bottom for the last few years, but it’s decent hard working Specialist Contractors like you that have taken the brunt of it for far too long.

We believe we can help you to change that.

There have been plenty of reports over recent months ranking the largest main contractors in the UK by turnover, or profitability. But none of this knowledge is particularly helpful to you, nor does it paint an accurate picture to the Government and the trade press, or the general public, about the true state of the industry!

We think there should be more meaningful, realistic data being circulated that reflects what is actually going on within the industry, much like the recent Financial Health analysis by The Construction Index. The analysis by way a Google style accounts algorithm revealed that although Balfour Beatty were the largest contractor by turnover, it fell to a worryingly low 77th place when ranked by financial health, and the most profitable UK contractor, Interserve, ranked a surprisingly low 29th place for financial health.

Our last survey 12 months ago had 146 responses and helped pave the way for the #buildfair4all campaign, the StreetwiseSubbie Fair Treatment Charter to get recognised by the media, get us into Parliament, and get the issue of supply chain payment included in the Government’s recent Construction Strategy.

So imagine how far another credible survey result will take the #buildfair4all campaign, and more importantly what that means for you!

We have already had some 62 responses, but we need your help to equal or exceed the 146 responses we got last year. With your response we can build a credible report, which we can use on your behalf to stamp out unfair treatment and late payment within UK construction. But we can’t do it without your help, so please take just 3 minutes of your time now to fill in our 10 question survey!

State of The Industry 10 Quick Question Survey

The more replies we get the more we can get people to sit up and take notice about the sharp practice and unfair treatment meted out by certain Contractors who are stealing from their supply chain and ruining this great industry of ours!

Strong words I know, but we are seeing the tragic results of this corporate greed almost every day, and we are determined to do what we can to highlight the problems you guys are all facing, and do something about them.

But first we need the evidence, and it will take you literally 3 minutes to provide it.

Please take the State of The Industry 10 Quick Question Survey now!

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

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