BBC Radio 5 Live Investigates Late Payment 11am Sunday 13 October 2013. Will You Speak Up?

Adrian Goldberg presents cutting edge investigative journalism, as well as taking on listeners’ campaigns. This Sunday, 13th October 2013 at 11am, the topic for his BBC Radio 5 Live Investigates will be late payment.

I have spoken at length to RobCave who works on the show and have provided him with the interim results from our latest payment survey.

Despite all the suggestions of ‘growth’ and ‘hope for the future’ of the construction industry, the results paint a sorry picture of how late payment is still a large scale threat to our fragile economy!

I have gone so far as to suggest that the current situation is a national disgrace!

Our Platinum Buddy Specialist Contractor Steve Sutherland will be on the show, along with Debbie Abrahams, the MP behind the all party inquiry into late payment that myself and Steve gave evidence to earlier in the year.  It is also likely that they will call me for comment on the day.

As those of you who have already taken part in the survey will know, all answers were given anonymously in order to allow everyone to speak freely (if you haven’t completed it yet you can find it here).

What Rob would like is for anyone who is willing to go on the record and speak up openly about their experiences of late payment within the industry, naming the offenders and their abhorrent practices.

Could you be that person? Are you willing to stand up, speak out and make a difference?

If you feel able to speak to Rob and name names, he can be contacted on 07834 846088 or by email at

You can also show your support on the day by listening to the show and texting in or tweeting @bbc5live and @streetwisesubbi , using the hashtag #buildfair4all on the day.

Can we get our hashtag, #buildfair4all, trending? It would be great to raise national awareness of late payment and let the British public know what is actually happening to their money!

This is a major opportunity to get your voices heard in the battle against payment abuse and I would encourage you to do what you can by circulating this message to everyone you know, and if you are able to contact Rob that would be fantastic.

As always if you have a specific problem please do not hesitate to contact me or check out our various resources at, and

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