Wise Up Wednesday: Sites Closed? Sites Open?

Don’t Get Caught In  The Construction Merry-Go-Round!

As the coronavirus pandemic has unfolded the construction industry has been tested like never before, and it is true to say that it has shown its multifaceted nature.

On the one hand we have seen incredible speed and cooperation as Nightingale Hospitals have been set up almost overnight, but we have also seen the callous “we are not paying you due to Covid 19” Contractors too. It has certainly brought out both the best and the worst in people.

The Situation In Construction Can Be Stressful And Overwhelming

Right now, you might well be feeling overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the problem and that is perfectly understandable. So please don’t think you are alone, or that it is only you that is feeling that way.

It’s ok not to be ok.

And if you need to talk to someone there is lots of help available and Mates In Mind have a great list of options on their web site here; Mates In Mind Support.

So, please, first things first take care of yourself, please don’t think you have to face this alone. If you are feeling down and need help, please go and make that call right now.

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More Questions Than Answers?

In these past few weeks lots of things have changed dramatically for Specialist Contractors, Trade Contractors and Subcontractors.

We have already seen the closure of numerous construction sites, and now we are seeing sites opening up again.

So where do you stand in all of this?

The first thing to think about is that whilst sites might be open, then closed, and then open again, the contract itself and the obligations under it continue.
So it’s important that you do what is required under the contract to protect your contractual and commercial interests.

There is a whole section on this on our web site and a video which you can find here; Coronavirus and your contract

What About Productivity?

The new social distancing guidelines, as interpreted into new Site Operating Procedures (SOPs) by the Construction Leadership Council (CLC), have had a significant effect on the ability of many sites to keep working.

Even if work can continue, in our experience and the feedback we are already getting, is that these measures are going to have a dramatic effect on productivity.

It is important to understand the contractual basis for the recovery of your additional costs due to such consequences. You will also need to be able to demonstrate the impact that these issues have had on the carrying out of the works.

Again, there is a whole section on our web site about disruption. You can find it here; Claiming the cost of disruption

Are You Getting Paid Properly?

Or Is “Coronavirus” the latest excuse for non-payment?

In the construction industry, payment has always been a source of controversy, but in these crazy coronavirus times, excuses for non-payment are rife. From the blatant, “we’re not paying anyone due to coronavirus” to the “we can’t access our bank from home” we are seeing all manner of pathetic excuses for non-payment.

So, What Can You Do About All of This?

Our Nationwide Team have over 30 years experience in resolving construction disputes and payment problems and are available to help you get things sorted as quickly as possible.

Included in our team are Quantity Surveyors, Construction Contracts Consultants and Specialist Construction Solicitors, so we have the capability to resolve your problem fast, whether it’s £10,000 or £100’s of thousands!

So, if you would like a free no obligation chat with one of our experts or need someone to take action on your behalf right now, then don’t delay, call our friendly Payment Helpline on 01773 712116 or email here for  free, no-nonsense, down to earth advice!

And What About That Retention You Are Owed?

Most Specialist Contractors, Trade Contractors and Subcontractors are owed substantial sums in retention. Why wait to collect it when we can do that for you on a no win no fee basis?

That’s right, you get paid first and only then do you pay us!

It’s your money and it should be in your bank!

Call Our Friendly Team Of Construction Experts

Remember our team includes Specialist Quantity Surveyors and Construction Contracts Consultants, and we have the capability to resolve your problem quickly and cost effectively.

So, if you would like a free no obligation chat with one of our friendly experts or need someone to take action on your behalf right now, then don’t delay, call our friendly Payment Helpline on 01773 712116 or email here   for free, no-nonsense, down to earth advice!

Don’t forget, you can find out lots more about how we can help specialist subcontractors like you here in our Blog.

Take action now to protect your business, your team, and your family.

Stay safe.


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