Wise Up Wednesday: Please Help – Suicide As A Result Of Coronavirus

It’s with great sadness that this week’s ‘Wise Up Wednesday’ is sharing the Construction News story of a construction worker who lost lost his life because of Coronavirus two weeks ago.

“He did not die on an intensive care bed though, with a machine trying to breath for him. And he will not be included in the grim daily COVID-19 fatality statistics. This worker died in his family home. He took his own life.

The man had been laid off, like thousands of others, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. He was struggling to manage debt problems before the disease took hold of the country, and losing his job was the last straw.”

The nation’s support systems simply cannot cope with the demand, and this is where the Lighthouse Club is endeavouring to provide emergency financial aid to those affected so that they can buy food for their families. They are also providing mental well being support but, tragically, as happened two weeks ago, it was too late.

It’s A Simple Appeal

lighthouse charity helping the construction industry

The construction industry’s Lighthouse Charity receives no government funding and their national event fundraising has been wiped out, so at a time when the industry needs them the most, their resources are severely compromised.

The problems in construction are complex and they aren’t going to be fixed overnight, but at this time Streetwisesubbie’s request is a very simple one;

Help The Lighthouse Charity

Please dig deep to support the appeal; Lighthouse Charity

And if you have a payment problem our Helpline on 01773 712116 is of course still open.

There is no doubt that the coronavirus pandemic has divided opinion and has brought out the best in the vast majority of people, please do your utmost to help; Lighthouse Charity

Please share this post and thank you for your help.

Stay safe and thanks in advance. for the support you can give to the Lighthouse Charity.

Please remember, our friendly Helpline is still open on 01773 712116, or email  today.

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