StreetwiseSubbie Will Be Live At CFJLiveExpo on 1st July 2021

Live at CFJLiveExpo on 1st July 2021 – 5 Problem-Solving Contractual Presentations For Flooring Contractors.

StreetwiseSubbie is one of over 100 companies exhibiting at a major online event being broadcast by the market-leading publication for flooring contractors, Contract Flooring Journal.

CFJLiveExpo is taking place via ‘Hop-in‘ on Thursday 1st July 2021 between 2pm and 7pm and is free to attend.
You can get your ticket here.

StreetwiseSubbie, provides flooring contractors with a whole host of resources and information backed by specialist consultants, which enables them, along with specialist contractors from countless construction industry trades, to solve all types of commercial, contractual, and business development problems.

Live at CFJLiveExpo

live at cfjliveexpoAt CFJLiveExpo, StreetwiseSubbie will be making a series of five presentations that are designed to help Flooring Contractors discover ways to run their businesses for more profit and less stress.

The presentations commence at 2:15pm with ‘Late and Non-Payment’.

This will be followed by sessions about ‘Variations and Revaluation’, ‘Health and Safety on Site’ and ‘Retentions’.

StreetwiseSubbie founder, and Contract Flooring Journal contributor, Barry Ashmore, will also be there throughout the afternoon to help visitors overcome the challenges of getting paid, checking contracts, and managing your business for better profits.

Our Consultants will also be interacting with Expo visitors, who can use live chat and call-backs to discuss individual Contractual or Payment problems.

Bringing the afternoon to a close will be a session on ‘Business Development’ by StreetwiseSubbie marketing consultant, Geoff Noake.

Via the interactive links, we will be ready to explain how down-to-earth support and advice is readily available about the all-important issues of getting paid, contract checking and contract management, and how StreetwiseSubbie helps you through the minefield of contractual issues that you encounter on a daily basis.

In short StreetwiseSubbie provides specialist contractors of all disciplines, including flooring contractors, with the confidence to overcome the challenges of running your business, without which (and others just like you) there would be no construction industry.

StreetwiseSubbie has been solving problems For Specialist Contractors For 30 years and will be on hand throughout CFJLiveExpo. We look forward to welcoming you to the presentations and will be available if you would like to talk to us.

solving contractual problems for flooring contractors at cfj expo live.

Live at CFJLiveExpo

A main stage will also be be broadcasting live with demonstrations and will include a sustainability panel hosted by a panel of experts, a Q&A forum for flooring contractors featuring a panel of experts, product launches and a panel of experts.

The show is being hosted by Contract Flooring Journal and you can register to visit by using this Hopin link.

If you want to find out how StreetwiseSubbie can help you to win work, get paid and make money, then call
01773 712116 or click here to contact us.

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