Mandate For Subbies Fight Against Corporate Greed Hits The National News!

Giant Government contractors are flouting a rule that obliges them to pay suppliers promptly, stifling small companies’ growth and, in some cases, putting their survival at risk.

Image courtesy of James Hurley’s article on The Telegraph website

Thanks to all 278 Specialist sub-Contractors who took part in our recent ‘State of Industry’ survey. (Results are here:, and those who have stepped forward to share personal experience of unfair treatment.

You are creating a meaningful mandate for change, and we are taking your message to the politicians and policy makers, and the issue is now National News thanks to Telegraph Enterprise Editor James Hurley, whose piece on coprorate greed can be found on the Telegraph website here:

The corporate greed of certain Contractors is costing jobs and destroying thousands of businesses, and causing untold amounts of emotional suffering.

With your help we can keep we can transform the dire state of the industry, boost the economy, and drive the innovation needed to secure a better future for everyone. Ensuring fair treatment for all, will help the money government spends on infrastructure to find its way into the economy rather than on to big company’s balance sheets.

Please come forward and speak to James ( and StreetwiseSubbie ( about your experiences, anonymously or otherwise, and help to make real inroads in the fight for fair treatment for all.

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