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Wise Up Wednesday: The #1 Way To Destroy Your Business!

Cash flow is king. Construction is a tough place to do business and as a Specialist Contractor, Trade Contractor or Subcontractor your kind of business is most at risk. And whilst losing …

Wise Up Wednesday: Making A Profit Is Not A Matter Of Luck!

After 20 years as a Specialist Contractor and 30 years of advising Specialist Contractors, Trade Contractors and Subcontractors I can confidently say that whether your business makes a profit or not, profit …

Wise Up Wednesday: More Payment BS and Don’t Expect A Miracle At Christmas!

Contractors Are Not Paying So What Can You Do? This edition of Wise up Wednesday is sticking with the theme that Contractors are not paying their subcontractors properly! There we are we’ve …

Wise Up Wednesday! No Scrutiny On Government Prompt Payment Reports For Subbies

No Scrutiny On Government Prompt Payment Reports for Subbies! Government prompt payment reports for Subbies – what an absolute disgrace! The Government’s Prompt Payment Reports are not worth a carrot, according to …

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