Thank You To All Who Contributed

I just wanted to say a big thank you to all 278 Specialist Contractors who took part in our State of the Industry Survey.

Our survey revealed the shocking truth that  nearly 90% of Specialist Sub-Contractors have been subjected to unfair treatment or sharp practice over the last year, with the vast majority saying they are being underpaid, their work undervalued and almost never paid on time.

You can find the results here;  State of the Industry Survey

As one Specialist Sub-Contractor said to me earlier today, everyone in the industry knows what’s going on, but now we have the proof.

The next step is to broadcast the results to as many people as we can so that we get people to sit up and take notice, but more importantly to take action to do something about this situation before it’s too late.

We are setting about that as I speak, and I must say a big thank you to the team at  StreetwiseSubbie and everyone who is helping us with this. Thank you all.

Can I please ask you to do your bit to help us to spread the “fair treatment for all” message, by whatever means you can.

If you are on twitter you can follow us at @streetwisesubbi and tweet your support at #buildfair4all , or follow our blog or tell everyone you know about it, and spread the word about our 1,000  plus Sub-Contractor members group on LinkedIn.

Thank you for your support.


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