We Can’t All Sit Around Waiting To Get Lucky Like Joey Essex, You Make Your Own Luck In Construction!

If you have been following I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! (and our side ways look at it via email, aptly named I’m a Specialist Contractor Get Me Out of Here!) then you will be thoroughly aware of Joey Essex.

Back in the real world, Joey is now picking up quite a lot of column inches in the newspapers for being thick!

The way to get on in life now, according to Simon Cowell, is to not study at school and then have a bit of luck. It’s worked for Joey, who can’t tell the time on a clock or, do much else for that matter.

Joey seems to have ignored his shortcomings, swept things under the carpet, not learned anything, had a bit of luck and now seems to make a fortune in endorsements and appearances following his joining TOWIE.

Unfortunately, “being thick and getting lucky” seems to work for the majority of Main Contractors who don’t have any expertise (they’re thick) and they’ve got lucky (done a good job of marketing themselves to get the work and control the cash).

In contrast, Specialist Contractors have all the expertise, solve all the problems and invest up-front in getting the job done.

But, most of you aren’t getting lucky!

You can “get lucky” by being smarter contractually and investing a bit of time and effort in sales and marketing. And you can make your own ‘luck’ by joining StreetwiseSubbie and letting us help you make changes for the better!

With the help of StreetwiseSubbie, you can kiss goodbye to those issues that once felt like they were suffocating you. As a Gold Buddy you will get down to earth honest, expert advice and support through our network of consultants to help you solve your commercial, contractual, and payment problems!

And with our sales and marketing support, we can help your business get lucky AND be smart, helping you avoid issues and find better opportunities and grow into a healthy, more profitable business.

So if you want a bit of luck, hit the ‘Get Lucky’ button now while there’s still time, and take advantage of our low cost high value membership, which includes a bundle of great resources worth far more than the nominal monthly fee!

Don’t be a hapless Joey Essex who sits waiting for luck to come their way. Create your own luck and get Streetwise!

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