What is your Unique Selling Point? How to determine what sets your business apart from the rest…

What is a unique selling point I hear you ask? Let me answer your question with another question. What is it about the local café that you go to on your dinner break that keeps you coming back for more? Or what is it about the local pub you go to that makes you choose that one over the others in your area? Is it the friendly service? The special meal deals? The type of beer they serve? Or maybe it is something else? Whatever that reason is, that is their unique selling point. It is the thing that for you, the customer, sets that place apart from the others.

Now, consider your business from the client’s point of view. What is it that people should choose you over all your competition? If it isn’t obvious to you right now, don’t panic, it is actually a good thing if it isn’t immediately obvious as that means your competition can’t necessarily see it either.

If you still can’t think of what sets your business apart from the competition, then why not create a reason? The best unique selling point you can give your business is the offer of a simple but effective guarantee. Make a list of everything people hate and find fault with within the industry, such as hidden costs, not completing jobs efficiently and on time to name just a few. Then simply make a guarantee that states that you will not do these things, and in the rare event that you do then amends will be made, and that is the reason you are better than the competition.

It is a simple but effective way of setting your company head and shoulders above the rest, and is a sure fire way to get people spreading the word giving you a great reputation to even further boost business.

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