Are You Still Struggling to Find Those Profitable Jobs? Then Read On…

Over the past few months, most of the the news reports have been suggesting that things are looking brighter for the economy and for construction. 

But whether things are on the up or not, it would seem that all Specialist Contractors are still facing the same problem;

“How do we find sources of profitable work and win enough orders?”

Some commentators say that there are more tenders around now. 

Or is it just that the same number of tenders are being distributed to more and more Sub-Contractors? We have anecdotal evidence of lists as long as 20 bidders!

Whatever your take on the current situation, one thing is certain. You need to set your stall out to ensure you receive enough of the right kind of enquiries, and win your fair share of orders.

There are several strategic options that you can employ to help you find new opportunities;

  • Sell more existing products/services to existing customers
  • Sell existing products/services to new customers
  • Sell new products/services to existing customers
  • Sell new products/services to new customers

By far the easiest route to take is the first, selling more products/services to existing customers, because this is much easier than finding new ones. 

But, whichever route is right for you, here are one or two things you can try;

  • Enhance the quality of your existing products and services or find a way to ‘windowdress’ something you are presently doing as something else? For example; ”We only install BS67456 compliant materials”. It might be that all installers have to work to this standard, but if no other Sub-Contractor is actually saying it, then you can makes it your own! It differentiates you from the rest!
  • Increase personalised contact with your customers? Years ago, it was essential to be face-to-face with customers on a regular basis. However, technology has changed this to the point that we rarely need to sit down with our customers any more. But whether we actually need to is not the issue, because going back to the personal approach will set you apart from your competitors.
  • Look at ways you can add value to what you are selling. Can you encourage involvement with a further contract if it helps you to buy better and offer a volume discount to the customer?
  • Increase your marketing activity – don’t wait for them to come to you, go to them. Look at ways that you can regularly keep in touch. Send successful case studies, newsletters, information about new services or, ways of doing things better.
  • Plan out a series of strategic marketing activities that can help to engage with your potential customers and devise ways to convert them to orders even if you are not the lowest price!

Last but not least, keep in mind that, whatever the prevailing climate in the economy, people still buy things! Contractors still need you to get the job done. The key question you need to ask yourself is, 

‘How can I ensure that they buy from me?’

One way is to make sure that you have up to date relevant information and advice about how to market your business better and smarter than your competitors. Even better still, get that up to date, relevant information and advice for free!

So, before you do anything else, please take five minutes to check out some of the links in this email which will take you to the huge range of free information we have put at your disposal. 

Ever heard the expression “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”

Please don’t look our gift horse in the mouth! Come and check us out now…

It could be the most worthwhile five minutes you spend on your business today.

And, if you are already one of our Silver, Gold or Platinum Buddies, please make sure to use the initial free advice and free Consultancy resources at your disposal. They are there to help you protect and grow your business, because together we can make a real difference!

I hope you enjoyed my post and that it gave you some food for thought, and I sincerely hope to speak with you soon.

In the meantime if you need any help with any of your business issues, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call on 01773 712116.

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